EUSA Conferences and Educational Programme

As well as our General Assembly, EUSA supports and encourages educational activities in the field of student sport. These are mainly realised by the events organised by us: EUSA Conferences, EUSA Seminars, and EUSA Conventions.


EUSA General Assembly - the official meeting of the EUSA members and at the same time represents the highest authority and governing body of the organisation.

EUSA Seminars - organised biannually, and usually accompany the General Assemblies and focus on subjects which are of interest for the member organisations.

EUSA Conferences - the main educational event, organised in alternating years with the General Assembly (and the seminars).

EUSA Conventions - organised annually as a training programme for the organisers of the European Universities Championships and European Universities Games.

Other events - workshops, masterclasses and webinars, organised during other events or individually, depending on the needs and other activities.


Conferences 2023

March 1 Online EUSA Webinar:
Women in Leadership as Role Models
March 23-26 Val di Zoldo, ITA EUSA-FISU Seminar
October 12-15 Kusadasi, TUR EUSA General Assembly &
EUSA-FISU Strategic Dialogue
December 19 Val di Zoldo, ITA EUSA Winter Forum

Conferences 2022

July 18 Lodz, POL EUSA conference on volunteering
July 19 Lodz, POL EUSA round table on dual career
September 23-25 Kranjska Gora, SLO EUSA Convention 2022

Conferences 2021

July 1 online EUSA webinar on gender equality
September 10-11 Budapest, HUN EUSA General Assembly &
EUSA-FISU Strategic Dialogue
September 24-26 Lodz, POL EUSA-EUG Convention

Conferences 2020

December 15 Online Webinar and workshop on gender equality
November 12 Online Meeting with members

Conferences 2019

April 11-14 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia FISU-EUSA Seminar 2019
May 30-June 1 Belgrade, Serbia EUG Convention
September 25-26 Aveiro, Portugal EUSA Conference 2019
September 27-28 Aveiro, Portugal EUSA Extraordinary Assembly

Conferences 2018

April 12-14 Madrid, Spain EUSA General Assembly 2018
July 14-15 Coimbra, Portugal Rectors' Conference
September 20-23 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia EUSA Convention 2018

Conferences 2017

April 6-9 Coimbra, Portugal EUSA Conference 2017

Conferences 2016

April 7-10 Wroclaw, Poland EUSA General Assembly 2016
September 22-25 Bled, Slovenia EUSA Convention 2016
December 2-4 Coimbra, Portugal EUG Convention

Conferences 2015

March 26-29 Zagreb, Croatia EUSA Conference 2015
March 26-29 Zagreb, Croatia EUSA Convention 2015

Conferences 2014

April 4, 2014 Denizli, Turkey EUSA Conference 2014
April 5, 2014 Denizli, Turkey EUSA General Assembly 2014
November 13-16 Ljubljana, Slovenia EUSA Convention 2014

Conferences 2013

March 15 Funchal-Madeira, Portugal EUSA Conference 2013
March 16 Funchal-Madeira, Portugal EUSA General Assembly 2013

Conferences 2012

March 16 Maribor, Slovenia EUSA Conference 2012
March 17 Maribor, Slovenia EUSA General Assembly 2012
November 16-18 Portoroz, Slovenia EUSA Convention 2012

Conferences 2011

March 3-6 Eilat, Israel 12th EUSA General Assembly 2011

Conferences 2010

November 12-14 Bled, Slovenia EUSA Convention 2010

Conferences 2009

December 4-6 Vienna, Austria 11th EUSA General Assembly 2009
November 6-11 Ljubljana, Slovenia EUSA Convention 2009
October 15-18 Zadar, Croatia 6th EUSA Symposium 2009

Conferences 2008

December 6 Paris, France 10th EUSA General Assembly 2008
November 7-9             Ljubljana, Slovenia EUSA Convention 2008

Conferences 2007

November 30 -December 1  Belgrade, Serbia EUSA General Assembly 2007
September 27 – 30 Moscow, Russia 5th EUSA Symposium
July 20-22 Ljubljana, Slovenia International seminar on university sport

Conferences 2006

December 1-3                   Valencia, Spain EUSA General Assembly 2006
September 20-23 Maribor, Slovenia Danube Rectors’ Conference 2006
February 4 Eindhoven,the Netherlands EUSA Seminar for 2006 EUC Organisers

Conferences 2005

December 2-4        Wroclaw, Poland EUSA General Assembly 2005
September 14-19 Funchal, Portugal 4th EUSA Symposium 2005

Conferences 2004

December 3-5         Nottingham, United Kingdom EUSA Seminar 2004
October 14-18 Falun, Sweden 3rd EUSA Symposium

Conferences 2003

December 5           Ljubljana, Slovenia EUSA Seminar 2003
October 18- 21 Heraklion, Greece 2nd EUSA Symposium

Conferences 2002

December 6      Nafplion, Greece EUSA Seminar 2002
April 19-24 Lefkosia, Cyprus 1st EUSA Symposium