EUSA Convention 2015

Zagreb and Rijeka, Croatia: March 26-29, 2015

EUG2016 Sports coordinator Mrs Danira Bilic

Between March 26 and 29, 2015, Zagreb hosted several EUSA events, and one of them was specifically related to the technical part and preparation for the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 – the EUSA Convention.

The Convention brought together Technical delegates of the European University Sports Association and the local sports managers of all 23 sports to be featured at the next year’s Games in Zagreb and Rijeka; 19 of them from the EUSA sports programme, two demonstrative and two for students with disabilities.

The next part of the Convention was focused on individual meetings between EUSA and OC Technical Delegates, presenting their sports; with the detailed sport program, facilities and equipment.

Saturday was devoted to the inspection visits of the sport venues both in Zagreb and Rijeka, checking the sport facilities and equipment. After the visit, individual meeting were held in order to evaluate the proposed facilities and conditions.

EUSA Technical delegates then shortly presented their feedback in plenary session before concluding the event and joining the EUSA Gala in the evening. In the conclusions they confirmed the sports infrastructure, so the focus now will be on the programme and other organisational matters. The organisers are therefore on the right track to host the students from European universities for the largest European students sports event in 2016 – the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka.

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