Photo Competition 

The European University Sports Association (EUSA), in cooperation with its Student Commission (EUSA STC) has been organizing an annual Photo Competition since 2009, where participants and others involved in EUSA sports events are encouraged to take photos and capture the right moment to reveal the true nature of the university spirit. 

2016 Photo Competition top 10 final photos


Send up to 5 photos related to the European Universities Championships 2017 to no later than October 1st 2017, we urge you to send your photos as soon as possible.

Additionally, we invite you to share your photos on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtags #EUSAUNISPORT and #BEACTIVE.

2016 Photo Competition Winning Photo by Mikhail Tiuftin

All copy-rights are transferred to EUSA with submission and tagging of the photos. The winning photo will further be published in the next EUSA magazine. The photos should be taken during the 2017 European Universities Championships.

Please make sure the photos depict no sort of drugs, alcohol, political propaganda, national symbols, sexually suggestive content or violence.

Photo Competition poster 2017

The selection process involves the Student Commission and other EUSA commissions selecting the finalists and the winner will be selected after the voting which also includes the public Facebook voting. The public part of the photo competition voting will be run on the EUSA Facebook page. All votes received by the announced deadline will be counted and taken into account for the prize draws.

The author of the winning photo will be invited to take part in the next EUSA Gala, which will take place during the EUSA Assembly in Madrid in April 2018. All expenses to attend the award ceremony (travel and full board accommodation) will be covered by EUSA! We will also award top 10 finalists and reward the voting process by raffling four additional gifts among all Facebook voters.



One of the previous winning photos / EUSA Photo Competition 2014 Winner - by Nuno Gonçalves (POR):


2014 EUSA Photo Competition winning photo - by Nuno Gonçalves (POR)