European Universities Games Split 2028

Following the conclusion of the bidding process and the official presentation of candidatures, Split, Croatia, has been awarded the honour of hosting the 2028 EUSA European Universities Games. The Attribution Ceremony took place at the Auditorium of the University of Aveiro, Portugal, on April 20, 2024.

Representatives from Split's Bidding Committee, comprising notable figures such as Mr. Ivica Puljak, Mayor of the City of Split; Mr. Stipe Cogelja, Vice-Prefect of Splitsko Dalmatisnka County; Mr. Nikola Koceic Bilan, Vice Rector of the University of Split; Ms. Jelena Matesic, CASF Sports Director; Mr. Nikola Vincetic, CASF Secretary General; Mr. Luka Grubor, Olympic gold medalist and Vice President of Split Academic Sports Association, were in attendance. 

Alongside them, Mr. Adam Roczek, President, and Mr. Matjaz Pecovnik, Secretary General, represented EUSA. The event also saw the presence of esteemed local and university authorities, members of the EUSA Executive Committee, as well as distinguished guests and students.

This will be the first time Split hosts the event, but not for Croatia. After successfully hosting the Games in Zagreb-Rijeka in 2016, Croatia was given the opportunity to present their organisational skills once again.

The official signing of the Attribution Agreements was conducted by representatives from Split's Bidding Committee. Prior to this, representatives from the EUSA conducted thorough assessments of Split's readiness and suitability for hosting the event.

Between February 27-28, 2024, the EUSA Technical Commission, accompanied by Split's Bidding Committee, embarked on an extensive tour of the proposed venues and infrastructure. The Commission meticulously inspected various facilities, including sports centers like Tennis Centre Firule, Sports Centre Gripe, and Football field Žrnovnica, as well as accommodation sites and administrative centers. Discussions were held regarding the logistics and feasibility of each location, ensuring that they meet the standards required for hosting such a prestigious event.

From March 3-5, 2024, the EUSA Evaluation Commission delved deeper into the logistical aspects of hosting the Games in Split. Meetings were held with local officials, including the Mayor and the Rector of the University, to discuss plans for transportation, security, and community involvement. The Commission also explored potential partnerships with local businesses and organizations to enhance the overall experience for participants and spectators alike.

Through these detailed discussions and site visits, both the EUSA and the city of Split reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the success of the 2028 EUSA European Universities Games.