European Universities Games Salerno 2026



Following the conclusion of the bidding process and the official presentation of the candidature, the European Universities Games 2026 have been attributed to Salerno on April 22, at the occasion of the EUSA Executive Committee meeting in Salerno.

Announcement of the host

The bidding and awarding ceremony was held at the Aula Magna of the University of Salerno, in the presence of the highest local and university authorities, EUSA Executive Committee members, invited guests and students, including the President of the Region of Campagna Mr Vincenzo De Luca.

The presentation and attribution ceremony

The delegation of the Bidding Committee was represented by the Rector of the University of Salerno Mr Vincenzo Loia, who is also the Chair of the Committee; Mr Lorenzo Lentini, President of CUS Salerno; Mr Antonio Dima, President of CUSI; Mr Attilio Riggio, Vice-Director General of the University of Salerno; Mr Michele Di Ruocco, Director General of CUS Salerno; and Mr Emilio Di Marzio, President of ADISURC.

Rector of the University pf Salerno Mr Loia

The delegation of the European and International governing university sports bodies were represented by Mr Adam Roczek, the President of EUSA; Mr Leonz Eder, the Acting President of FISU; Mr Haris Pavletic, the First Vice-President of EUSA; Mr Francis Cirianni, the Treasurer of EUSA; and Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, the Secretary General of EUSA.

EUSA President Mr Roczek

After the welcoming speeches by EUSA President Mr Roczek and FISU Acting President Mr Eder, the Rector of the University of Salerno Mr Loia as the host and the Chair of the Bidding Committee, welcomed the participants and started the bidding presentation for the 2026 Games.

FISU Acting President Mr Eder

The President of CUS Salerno Mr Lorenzo Lentini took the podium next, remembering the successes of the latest Summer Universiade, taking place in 2019 in Naples and surrounding areas, including Salerno.

President of CUS Salerno Mr Lentini

He was followed by CUSI President Mr Antonio Dima, who reflected on the key values that are the basis human values, and also important for university sport – including peace, sharing, working together, and the balance of winning and losing – fundamental especially in sport.

Antonio Dima, CUSI President

Director General of CUS Salerno and member of the bidding committee Mr Michele Di Ruocco presented the Salerno bid in more details, including the legacy, proposed sports programme and facilities to be used in 2026.

Michele Di Ruocco

Also the logo of the event was explained, closely linked to the City of Salerno, and the new symbol of the city - Liberty Square (Piazza della Liberta).

European Universities Games 2026 logo

A closing video concluded the official part of the presentation and the bidding proecss.

President of the Region of Campagna Mr De Luca

After the confirmation of the attribution of the event to Salerno by EUSA President Mr Roczek and conclusion of the bidding process, the President of the Campania region Mr De Luca addressed the audience at this memorable occasion.

Signing of the agreement

The final step in the process was the official signing of the attribution agreement.

European Universities Games

Representatives from Salerno, the hosts for the European Universities Games 2026, including Director General of CUS Salerno and member of the bidding committee Mr Michele Di Ruocco, were present in Lodz, Poland, following the Observer Program and other events part of the program with the goal of getting  first-hand experience and opportunity to understand the scope, dimension, and complexity of the European Universities Games and to create platform for learning, exchanging ideas and knowledge. 

The European Universities Games 2026 will be a university multi-sport event involving student athletes from around 500 European Universities, with an estimated participation of around 5000 university students, support staff including officials, referees and committed volunteers.

With all the traditional sports foreseen, the event aims to involve students from all over Europe in captivating and engaging competitions of a high standard quality, together with opportunities to discover new demonstrative sports and chances to compete in optional inclusive sports and activities.

This eighth edition of the EUSA European Universities Games thus embodies not only sports challenges and meeting between different life and cultural models, but also a great opportunity for the University of Salerno, the city of Salerno, the municipalities and the entire territory where the University is located, to promote and spread the values of inclusion, integration and friendship among participants from all European nations, values that are so much needed to make our European students to create a better Europe and a better world where to live... chanting the event slogan "Passion Never Ends!".

Planned Sport Disciplines: 3X3 Basketball, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Handball, Beach Volleyball, Football, Futsal, Handball, Inclusive Show Dance, Rugby 7s, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Padel. 

More information about the event will be shared shortly. Please see our section on the European Universities Games for more information about the past and attributed events.