Eindhoven, The Netherlands: February 4, 2006

The first EUSA Seminar for the Organisers of the European Universities Championships 2006 was organised in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on February 4, 2006. 45 participants were present at the Seminar, among them the representatives of the EUC Organising Committees, EUSA Technical Delegates and Members of the EUSA Executive Committee. The participants were welcomed by, Mr. Gualtieri, the EUSA President and Mr. De Mooij, Student Sport Centre Eindhoven Manager-Director.


Matjaz Pecovnik, EUSA Secretary General, presented the history of EUC, made general briefing on the terms and conditions of organisation, and provided examples for best practice. Subsequently the Technical Delegates and the EC representatives met with the Organising Committees of their respective sport in order to check all details of the organisation and discuss the progress reports.



At the end of the seminar, the representatives from the Netherlands prepared the presentations on the sport in the Netherlands and EUC 2006 in Eindhoven.