What's up: Reflection on ESC journey

What's up: Reflection on ESC journey

In August, the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and its Institute bid farewell to the international volunteers Cristina, Pol, and Kinga. For this month’s student column, we have asked them for their feedback and reflection about their experience.
The three of them started their European Solidarity Corps journey in February this year and concluded it now in August, completing their 7 months with EUSA office in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Kinga Gaal
It was an amazing opportunity to do my volunteer work and gain profound knowledge about the sports industry at the European University Sports Association before starting my Masters in Sports Management at the University of Lille in France in September.
I had the great fortune to experience firsthand and learn many different aspects of how the European University Sport Association operates, as well as additional knowledge about the sports industry, and organizing championships. Throughout European Union projects and meetings I learned the general structure of how a project is initially planned, developed, and finished, as well as the amount of detail and effort that goes into every step of the process.

I have learned a lot about the communications process and collaboration with partners. Another significant advantage I've gained over the past seven months is that it's given me a better understanding of the many positions and duties that I have taken on at the European University Sports Association.

Overall, I had a satisfactory working experience at the European University Sports Association. I was pleased with how much I had discovered about the field of sports and myself that I encountered throughout my 7-month period. I feel comfortable saying that the EUSA offers many opportunities for volunteers even after the volunteering period, so I am really grateful for EUSA.

Pol Arnan
Volunteering for EUSA has given me the chance to confirm my passion for sports and its management. In my case, I came to EUSA to switch the direction of my professional career, and after seven months I can say that my expectations were exceeded.

I will never forget the people that I met along the way and all the experiences that I lived. You never know what to expect when you go abroad for a new opportunity, but I could not be happier to have chosen EUSA. They gave me all the facilities to feel like home from the very beginning and to develop my career into the sports industry to the next level.

The daily work in EUSA office has also allowed me to develop multiple competences and skills. I improved my English, I dealt with people from different cultures and backgrounds, I boosted my digital skills and I wrote a project together with other colleagues to receive EU funds. The list is innumerable but I guess this gives a great overview of my past seven months.   

Cristina Kenely 
After graduating from university last year, I wanted to gain some experience living abroad alone and working in a sporting environment, so when I found this volunteering opportunity with the European University Sports Association (EUSA), it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to be a part of this organisation. This experience provided me with the fullest professional and personal skills and knowledge that enabled me to strengthen my abilities and gave me an insight into being a part of a sporting organization.

From the first day of my ESC experience, I straight away felt very welcomed and at home with the EUSA Team, which made this experience even more incredible, by not only enhancing my teamwork abilities but also providing me with a holistic understanding of how this successful organization operates and understanding how different departments collaborate to achieve the common goals.

Volunteering at EUSA was an amazing experience that has definitely improved both my personal and professional skills and expertise through various activities ranging from daily office work to being a part of several EU project meetings, conferences, and sporting events, including the European Universities Championships. I enhanced my public speaking skills and confidence and gained valuable networking opportunities and built strong relationships with professionals in the sports industry. This experience has truly shaped my perspective and solidified my passion for pursuing a successful career in sports. 

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