Swiss University Sports meets in Bern

 Swiss University Sports meets in Bern

The Swiss University Sports held its General Assembly in the "House of Sports" of the Swiss Olympic Association in Ittigen, Bern.

In addition to the regular agenda items such as annual reports, annual accounts, review of national and international student competitions, the agenda also included an outlook on upcoming events, including WUG Summer in Chengdu, various European Universities Championships 2023, as well as the European Universities Championship in Orienteering in August 2023 planned to take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland. 

At the General Assembly, Mr Daniel Studer, responsible for the EUSA events at Swiss University Sports, gave a detailed overview of the European Universities Games in Lodz 2022, which was a very successful event in every aspect. Mr Studer shared the success of the Swiss delegation in terms of both quality and quantity as well, the winning medals and the two fair play awards.

A new article on the ethics was added to the statutes, and the present delegates also approved the new strategy and a new mission statement of Swiss University Sports. 
The following deserving sports officials were appointed as honorary members: Fredi Schneider, Thomas Mörgeli, Christoph Böcklin, Heiner Iten, Jean-Marc Gilliéron and Pierre Pfefferle.

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