SELL Games 2023 successfully concluded

SELL Games 2023 successfully concluded

The 38th edition of the SELL Games was hosted by the Estonian Academic Sports Federation and the city of Tartu, from 19-21 May marking the 100th Anniversary since this event started in 1923.

Three days, Tartu was full of teamwork, competition spirit, sports matches and fun took places in various sports venues, hosting more than 900 participants. 

SELL Student Games is a multi-sport event that is open for all university and college students all over the world. The name of the games are according to the first letters of the hosting countries, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in their respective languages. 

The principles of the games are that everyone can participate and therefore the event combines top sports and joyful student event. 

Prior to the opening ceremony and official start of the event, the president of the Estonian Academic Sports Federation, Mr Ants Veetousme hosted a ceremonial reception, for officials and representatives, present at the event. Official reception by the mayor of Tartu, Mr Urmas Klaas, was also held. 

The event was opened with a welcoming ceremony at Lodjakoda, starting with the participants marching by the river Emajõgi to Lodjakoda. The ceremony was done and held with traditional remarks typical for the Estonian culture. 

The Opening Ceremony was attended, and the participants were welcome by the President of the Latvian University Sports Federation (LUSF) Ms Agita Abele, who transferred a welcoming message on behalf of EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek and EUSA, FISU Acting President Mr Leonz Eder, the mayor of the city of Tartu, Mr Urmas Klaas, as well as representatives of student sports from four founding countries - Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and other guests. 

Students competed in 15 different disciplines – 3x3 Basketball, mini-Football, athletics, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, chess, powerlifting, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, wrestling, disc golf, judo and orienteering. 

At this edition of the SELL games, 29 universities, coming from 6 different countries, took part in the competitions, having Estonia with the highest number of universities 9, Lithuania and Latvia with 8, Finland with 2 and Croatia and Turkey with 1 university. 

On the 21 of May the SELL games were officially closed, and the next years hosting honour was given to Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania.

SELL Games are organised by the national university sports associations in 4 founding countries and held under the Patronage of EUSA and FISU.

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