Registrations for EUC Rowing 2024 are still open: Don't Miss Out!

 Registrations for EUC Rowing 2024 are still open: Don't Miss Out!

The registrations for this year’s European Universities Championship in Rowing are ongoing, with the first important deadline set to 30th of April. Have you already registered?

Rowing has a long, storied history. It is a popular competitive and recreational sport around the world. Whether on the water, in a boat, or on a rowing machine in a fitness center, rowing has long been championed by physicians and fitness experts as an excellent means of developing physical conditioning.

In EUSA, Rowing was firstly featured in the sports programme back in 2005, with the inaugural edition of the European University Rowing Championship held in Cardiff, Wales, the United Kingdom between July 22 and 24. 

Recalling to the most recent edition, in 2023 the European Universities Championship in Rowing was held in Bydgoszcz, Poland from September 7 to September 10. The event hosted 524 participants, from 81 universities from 20 countries, being in top 3 events with highest attendance.

As rowing is not one of the sports disciplines of this year's European Universities Games in Debrecen-Miskolc, EUSA Executive Committee attributed the 2024 European Universities Rowing Championship, being the 14th edition, to the city of Ankara. The competition will be held from August 29 to September 1, 2024.

European University Sports Association (EUSA), Türkiye University Sports Federation (TUSF), Atilim University and the local organising committee are excited to be able to offer rowing as part of the EUSA sports programme also in 2024.

National university sports bodies may register the teams on the registration platform, with 30 of April being the 1st General Entry Deadline. 

Ankara, being the capital of the country, offers great conditions for rowing, as itself has advanced the sport nationally, having large number of athletes actively competing in many national and international competitions, with great results.

The competition will be in the following categories:

  • Men: LM1x, M1x, LM2x, M2x, LM2-, M2-, LM4-, M4-, LM4x, M4x, M8+
  • Women: LW1x, W1x, W2-, LW2x, W2x, W4-, W4x, LW4x, W8+

Women may compete as the coxswain in Men’s crews, and vice versa. There are no restrictions concerning the number of boats.

For the European Universities Championship in Rowing, you can register until April 30h through the following link:

For more details related to the European Universities Rowing Championship you can visit

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