The project "Supporting Mobility and Good Practice Exchange in University Sport" supported learning mobility and exchanges while promoting the international dimension of sport, targeting management of university sport in general, as well as organisation of sports events on national and international/European level.

Transfer of Knowledge Meeting, Belgrade, April 2019

The project linked EUSA Institute as the applicant, national university sports bodies and universities in three countries - organisers of EUG 2018, 2020 and 2022 - Portugal, Serbia and Poland, as well as a National Olympic Committee as an expert body.

Transfer of Knowledge Meeting in Belgrade, April 2019
Through the exchange scheme of sport management staff in form of practical study visits and trainings on one hand and seminars and knowledge transfers on the other, EUSA as the project coordinators strengthened the competences and qualifications of the partners and their staff, develop international cooperation, encouraged similar exchanges within our networks and contributed towards European network of skilled sport staff.

EUSA Convention - Transfer of knowledge 2019

In addition, modern technologies as powerful innovative tools for collaboration, knowledge sharing and management were used.

EUSA Convention 2021 - Transfer of Knowledge

The outcomes were presented at educational and sports events, and as guidelines available to future sport event organisers, benefiting university sport bodies and the sports movement in general.
Co-funded by the European Union
The project period was from January 2019 to December 2021 (extended due to Covid-19), and was supported by the European Union through the preparatory actions call Exchanges and mobility in sport.