(Uni)ted forces to support the education of (Uni)versity sport comm(Uni)ty - Uni4S 

The (Uni)ted forces to support the education of (Uni)versity sport comm(Uni)ty project aims to create educational opportunities for staff working in university sport associations.

Uni4s kick-off

Through the series of meetings, project partners will look to create conditions for skills development of participants in the area of organising university sport tournaments, with each meeting focusing on different but relevant topics.

Experts will utilised, while the meetings will also be used as an opportunity for participants to share knowledge, resulting in a common creation of outputs for the project. Some meetings are scheduled to take place during national and regional university sport competitions, allowing participants to learn not only through the theoretical exchange of practice, but also on a practical level.

Uni4s partners
First phase of the project revolved around meetings and discussions over particular topics. A first live meeting took place in Lodz in September 2021, and it focused on volunteering and the organization of international university sports events. 

Second phase of the project was dedicated to the evaluation of the guidebook, gathering feedback through a series of activities, and finalizing the ultimate version of the guidebook.
On April 27th, the EUSA Institute hosted partners of the (Uni)ted forces to support the education of (Uni)versity sport comm(Uni)ty (Uni4S), who met for a live transnational meeting in Ljubljana.

In June 2022, partners had a chance to meet and share their ideas regarding logistics in the organization of university sports tournaments, during a meeting in Delft and the Hague.

In July 2022, project partners met in the European Universities Games in Lodz. First part of the meeting was connected to participation in General Technical Meeting as well as observing the organization of beach handball. Then, project partners discussed the handbook, notably its translation into Dutch and Polish, the branding, and some potential additional content.

The project has been extended to June 2023 to allow a greater collection of feedback and data during sports competitions. Next meetings are planned in 2023.

The two-year project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is co-ordinated by University Sports Association of Poland (POL) alongside project partners University Sports Association of Warsaw (POL), Student Sports Netherlands (NED) and the EUSA Institute (SLO).

For more information, please see https://uni4s.azs.waw.pl.