Match Point

The objective of Match Point is to combat doping in recreational environments by setting up a transnational network to elaborate and conceive engaging, deterring and detecting educational programmes and innovative open resource online educational courses, which will lead to the development of an Ethical Code for behaviour in tennis and grassroots sports.

Match Point kick-off meeting 1

The project focuses on young non-professional tennis athletes’ and coaches’ culture and attitudes against doping, protecting their health and moral ethics and supporting the integrity of sports as well as its positive values and principles.

Results from the Match Point project will be well disseminated through multiplier sport events, as well as through the project’s smart, interactive web-based platform, allowing for continuous collaboration between project stakeholders as well as for the integration of new organisations in it during and after the project lifetime. 

Match Point kick-off meeting 2

Through strengthened cooperation between the project partners from five European countries and different sectors such as sports, research and education, Match Point will promote and support new anti-doping pathways, raise the young athletes’ and coaches’ awareness of the doping threats, develop new prevention educational anti-doping tools and contribute to development of an European sport and socio-cultural doping free environment.

Match Point kick-off meeting 3

Partners in this collaborative partnership project include:

Bulgarian Tennis Federation (BUL)

Polish Tennis Federation (POL)

Romanian Tennis Federation (ROU)

University of Vienna (AUT)

Austrian Institute for Sport Medicine (AUT)

EUSA Institute (SLO)

The two-year project, which runs from January 2019 to December 2020, is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.