EUSA Volunteer Programme

European University Sports Association (EUSA) in cooperation with its Student Commission (EUSA STC) and the local Organising Committees of our events offers the possibility for students to actively take part in the EUSA sports events as volunteers.

In 2023, students can participate and support the organisers of the European Universities Championships which will be organised in 20 sports across Europe. At least two international volunteers per sport will be selected through the EUSA Volunteer Programme.

Volunteer trainings

In the frame of the programme, full board is provided during the time of the event (and training), with transfer from the official airport/station covered; volunteers only have to ensure their travel costs to the event.

You may register to be considered for volunteering at the 2023 European Universities Championships at and there are two deadlines for international volunteers: February 15 for the Championships starting in June and July, and March 15 for Championships starting in August and September. The deadline has been extended to March 15 for all EUSA European Universities Championships in 2023. Applicants will be contacted and selected by the local organisers.

Volunteers - key element in a successful sport event

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 can become EUSA international volunteer. Those wishing to volunteer can apply to help in any area related to the organisation of the event, including accommodation, accreditation, sport, media, IT. The full list can be found on the registration website. Volunteers will receive an outfit, a set of gadgets and food, as well as accommodation. Volunteers will be present at the event during the Championship period, and take part in pre-event training sessions.

Volunteer programme

The main aim of the programme is to give a chance for young students, who are interested in sports and in organizing sport events, to get the opportunity of experiencing a unique adventure, learning about the values of sport, and gaining valuable work experience through volunteering.

The participants will raise their competencies and skills in organising sport event in the European level, get new experiences in different fields, will be useful for the Organising Committee, exchange knowledge, learn about the culture of the country, get new friends all over the Europe and much more. The Volunteer Programme includes for example working for the Organising Committee, supporting the organizers in the competition fields (global coordination, manning information desks, communication between organization committee and referees, guests).

We have the cause. You have the effect. #volunteer

To get a glimpse of the experiences of the students who have already participated in this program, please see the Shared Experiences testimonies. The project is also supported by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

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For possibilities to take part in the long-term European Voluntary Service (EVS) at the EUSA Office, please see a section on European Solidarity Corps (ESC).