ESOMEnhancing Sport Organisations and Management (ESOM)

Main aim of the project is to strengthen management and event organisation in university sport. This will be done through blended learning, sharing experiences, gaining new information and skills on the key topics of sports management, funding, communication and other key topics.

Main activities and pillars include research (conducting a survey and collecting good practice), education (online and live workshops and seminars), and dissemination (creating resources and recommendations, conferences).

The project primarily and directly addresses EU priorities on supporting Good Governance in Sport through promoting the quality of coaching and staff, and also indirectly by promoting Sport and Education, supporting the dual careers of athletes.

The partner consortium is composed of 8 partners, bringing together a European NGO sports entity (EUSA Institute), national university sport bodies in 6 countries (Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine) and one university (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Seven countries are involved through the partnership consortium, all of them coming from signatory countries of the Bologna Accord, members of the European Higher Education Area. The partnership also represents key areas of education, training, youth and sport.

Sport in tertiary education does not have a unified approach in Europe, so the project will engage entities from different countries and experiences, including Programme and Partner countries. Enhancing sport organisations and management (ESOM) aims to strengthen management and event organisation in university sport through blended learning, sharing experiences, gaining new information.

Results of the project will be 3-fold, contributing to the priorities of the call: improving cooperation between organisations, strengthening their expertise and activities; improving participation in sports and physical activities in grassroot sport (recreation and non-professional competitions); and supporting student athletes in their dual career paths (ensuring study possibilities for elite and high level athletes). Engaging assorted partners in the consortium, as well as reaching out wider where possible, and sharing the project activities and results in an open way will enable wide dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of the results.

ESOM is lead by the EUSA Institute (SLO), with national university sports associations: Croatian Academic Sports Federation (CRO), Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUN), Students Sports Association of Montenegro (MNE), Student Sports Association the Netherlands (NED), University Sports Association of Poland (POL), Sports Students' Union of Ukraine (UKR) and the University of Ljubljana (SLO). The project is co-funded by the European Union.

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