What's up: Raising your voice for peace

What's up: Raising your voice for peace

This month's student column addresses the topic of peace that is always - and especially now - relevant, looking how sport advocates for peace.

Only a few weeks ago athletes from all over the world competed in the winter Olympics 2022 and fought for the prestigious medals. There were tears of joy and tears of disappointment. Clear results and tight decisions. We saw performances that have never been seen before, new records and new champions. But the one thing that stood out was that athletes from all around the world were one unity. Fighting and competing. But always fair and in deep respect for their opponents. Peacefully.

What I just described is not only a characteristic of the Olympics, but of sports in general. Every day millions of children, students and adults around the globe are active and practice their sports. In these moments it doesn't matter where we come from, what language we speak or what we look like. Sport has the ability to unite people no matter how different they are. As athletes we are all doing the same things passionately. Isn't that one of the things we all love about sports?

Only a few days later, the news were no longer about peaceful competitions but about war. Only a few hours flight from where I live. These events are frightening. They are the opposite of Olympic peace and everything we athletes stand for which can be seen in numerous expressions of solidarity from sport associations, clubs as well as sportsmen and sportswomen. As the EUSA said: “We are worried about our colleagues from the Ukrainian NUSA, we are worried about the students and university community of Ukraine, we are worried about the Ukrainian citizens and their safety.” I am constantly thinking about the people in Ukraine - families, students, athletes - our friends, that now live in constant fear and are victims of the war.

There is competition in sports. But much greater and more powerful than this is our cohesive. It is our task as athletes to show this cohesion and to raise our voices together for peace. As a member of the student commission, but also as an athlete and above all as a human being, I ask you to raise your voice for peace and express solidarity with Ukraine. Together we can make a difference.

Jule Wagner

The author Jule Wagner is a member of the EUSA Student Commission. She recently obtained her Master’s degree in education, with a main focus on Mathematics, German Language and Sports at the University of Munster, and is now pursuing sport economics studies at the IST University of Applied Science.

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