What's up: Personal experience of ESC volunteering in EUSA

What's up: Personal experience of ESC volunteering in EUSA

In November, another European Solidarity Corps volunteering project, supported by the European Union and the national agency in Slovenia Movit, has concluded.

EUSA Institute hosted two volunteers in the current project, Anouk and Aleksandra. While Anouk already concluded her service in August, Aleksandra concluded hers in November.

Aleksandra celebrating IDUS and EWOS with the office colleagues in Ljubljana

Aleksandra Andreeva, originally from Russia, has shared her experience in volunteering in EUSA:

I can say that this was 100% the best experience in my life. Before I came to Slovenia for the project, I did not know and could not even imagine what was waiting for me. Of course, I was excited and scared at the same moment. However, looking back on all the events and moments I got thanks to EUSA, it was definitely the best decision I have ever made, to be a part of this project.

After I finished university, it was crucial for me to get some relevant experience in a combination of two spheres I have been interested in, international relations and sports. EUSA exactly was the place where I could get this combination.

This opportunity gave me some professional experience, knowledge, and skills, but also helped me to discover myself, and my capacity, and explore everything around me. I met many amazing people, made new friends, and of course, I had a great time, sharing all the best moments with EUSA. Even though it was not the easiest year, it gave me even more stamina, changed my mindset, and helped me grow as a person.

EUSA is not just an organization, but it is also a Family. This is a community of not just professionals, but also a community of supportive and amazing people. If I had a chance to have an ESC experience one more time, I would definitely choose EUSA again!

Aleksandra also joined Erasmus+ project activities

If you are interested in such opportunity, please be aware that a new call for ESC volunteers in EUSA has been announced, for a 7-month service (February-August 2023), with application deadline December 15.

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