Save the Date: Webinar on Women in Leadership as Role Models

Save the Date: Webinar on Women in Leadership as Role Models

European University Sports Association (EUSA) with its Institute would like to invite you to save the date and register for the EUSA Webinar: Women in Leadership as Role Models. The event will be held online on March 1, between 3PM and 5PM (CET).

Women in leadership roles are at an all-time high. Still, stereotypes and challenges for female leaders continue to impact their growth and influence resulting in a leadership gap. Despite the gradually increasing participation of women in sport, women remain underrepresented in its top decision-making bodies of sporting institutions at local, national, European, and global levels. Women leaders can act as role models and encourage women and young girls to take part in sports, both as a leisure activity and as a potential professional career. Research shows that role models have three core benefits for women: role models represent and expand what is possible; role models inspire women to be more ambitious and aim higher; role models demonstrate the mindsets and behaviours of how to rise. Studies reveal that role models have an amplified benefit for women due to the gender biases, institutional barriers and negative stereotypes women have long had to contend with across a wide swathe of professional domains.

The aim of this Webinar is to foster personal exchange of experiences, ideas, and advice, inspiring both, the aspiring leaders and the high-level leaders.

The event is organized by the EUSA Inclusion & Diversity Commission, and will be held as a roundtable in English language.