Invitation to the 4 Healthy Academic Society Conference

Invitation to the 4 Healthy Academic Society Conference

Croatian Academic Sports Federation (CASF/HASS), with the support of the European University Sports Association (EUSA), academic and other partners, will be hosting the first "4 Healthy Academic Society" conference in Poreč, Croatia on June 8, 2023.

The conference is a significant step towards creating a healthier and more active academic environment that will benefit the physical and mental health of students, academics, and professionals.

Students at the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016

The International Scientific Congress of student sport, physical exercises and health aims to address a broad range of topics related to dual careers, health, student physical activity, and physical education at the university level. It will focus on ways to promote healthier work and study habits, as well as strategies to improve the overall well-being of the academic community. Expert speakers from around the world will be sharing their insights and research on these topics, providing attendees with valuable knowledge and practical advice.


This conference is an excellent opportunity for academics, health professionals, and mental health advocates to network with like-minded individuals and learn from renowned speakers in their fields. Participants can expect to gain insights into cutting-edge research and practical strategies that will help them promote a healthier academic environment for themselves and others.

Porec, host city of the event

For more information and to register for the "4 Healthy Academic Society" conference, please see We hope to see you in Poreč in June!