International Students’ Day 2021

International Students’ Day 2021

November 17 marks the International Students’ Day, which celebrates the multiculturalism of students and encourages quality education to be accessible and available to all.

International Students’ Day is commemorated on this day following the events that took place in Prague during World War II on November 17, 1939, where a group of students were executed without trial and over 1000 other students were sent to concentration camps as universities and colleges were shut down.

GSF campaign for November 17

This day is now used to remember these events, and also to promote students rights. November 17, 2021, is the second International Students’ Day that is heavily marked by Covid-19 for students all around the world. The Global Student Forum (GSF), in partnerships with other organisations, including the European Students' Union (ESU), which has been our partner since 2016, launched a special campaign also this year. Entitled Recovering Better, Without Cutting Our Future, they advocate for free, inclusive and quality education for all, inviting everyone not only to think globally, but also to act globally!

EUSA supports the initiative, and we asked students in Europe how they would describe their experiences and values. This is what they answered:

November 17 by EUSA

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