EUSA statement on COVID-19 vaccinations

EUSA statement on COVID-19 vaccinations

The EUSA Medical Commission has prepared a detailed statement regarding the current COVID-19 situation and the vaccinations.

Below you can find the highlights:
• The COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the greatest crisis humanity has experienced since World War II.
• In addition to its high mortality rate, estimated at 2-3%, COVID-19 has a significant rate of morbidity and complications, and in many countries, COVID-19 has threatened the collapse of their health care systems.
• During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become significantly more difficult to organise sports competitions in such a way that the health of both competitors and spectators is protected.
• Much hope has been placed on the development of vaccines, given their proven efficacy in dealing with, and often eradicating other serious infections.
• There are currently several approved highly effective vaccines against COVID-19 with efficacy of over 90% and with very low rates of side effects reported during clinical trials.
• The vaccines for COVID-19 are specific to COVID-19 only, and have not been shown to have any negative impact on the recipients’ overall immune function.
• The EUSA Medical Commission welcomes the development of these vaccines and supports the clinical roll-out of vaccinations across the world.

Please refer to the full statement attached.

Through these and other safety measures, under the guidance of local authorities, EUSA and the local organising committees of both the 2021 EUSA European Cycling Championship and European Universities Games are confident of hosting safe and successful events this year.

Be safe and healthy!