EUSA commemorates International Students’ Day 2020

EUSA commemorates International Students’ Day 2020

Today, November 17, is observed around the world as International Students’ Day, which celebrates the multiculturalism of students and encourages education to be accessible and available to all.

International Students’ Day is commemorated on this day following the events that took place in Prague during World War II on November 17, 1939, where nine students were executed without trial in concentration camps. Over 1000 other students were sent to concentration camps as universities and colleges were shut down.

This day is now used to remember these events, while celebrating the diversity of students across the world, encouraging educational accessibility for all and calling for more financial support for students in order to fund their education, and better their career prospects.

Since 2016, EUSA and the European Students’ Union (ESU) have shared an official partnership, enforcing a common line of actions binding the two organisations.

Dual career

Both ESU and EUSA support and encourage the call, made especially today, for secure and adequate economic, social and health welfare and for the well-being of all students. As education is a human right, we should provide and secure the access for all, not just those whose families can afford it. Sport is an integral part of university life, and we encourage each and every student to engage in physical activity, take part in sport events and #beactive.

This year, EUSA also supports ESU who commemorate International Students’ Day by endorsing the activities organised by the Global Student Forum (GSF). The theme for this year’s activity was the impact of COVID-19 on students and their movements all over the world, with a congress organised to discuss this topic as well as a social media campaign which encouraged students to share their experiences on the topic.

Global Students Forum

More information about GSF and its activities can be found on their social media handles: FacebookTwitterInstagram