EPAS organises virtual workshop on Human Rights in Youth Sports

EPAS organises virtual workshop on Human Rights in Youth Sports

The Consultative Committee of the Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) hosted a virtual workshop “Raising Awareness on Human Rights in Youth Sports: The Role of Sport Organizations and Educational Institutions” on Thursday, November 19.

The webinar was led by International School Sport Federation Deputy Secretary General/CEO Mr Kole Gjeloshaj and moderated by Louis Moustakas, CC Bureau member/Secretary General ENSE.

The online discussion offered the opportunity for stakeholders to discuss topical and specific human rights issues, providing a platform to exchange information and share good practices while exploring the role of educational institutions and sport organisations and how human rights can be best promoted among youth.

Opening remarks

"Action, optimism, cooperation, altruism and creativity to achieve excellence and happiness is what must drive us in education trough sport for the youth generations," highlighted Mr Gjeloshaj as part of the welcome remarks at the beginning of the workshop.

A wide variety of speakers participated in the workshop, addressing the topic, sharing their points of view and good practice examples. The speakers included Ms Dorothy Rozga, Head Child Rights, Centre for Sport and Human Rights; Ms Anne Tiivas, Chair, Safe Sport International; Ms Sara Massini, Secretary General, ENGSO; Ms  Marija Crnković, Head of Service of international cooperation, Ministry of Sport, Croatia; Ms Iris Hugo-Bouvier, Football and Social Responsibility Coordinator, UEFA’ Mr Peter Brull, Sports Director, European Olympic Committees and Mr Stanislas Frossard, EPAS Executive Secretary, Council of Europe.

ENGSO presentation

Questions were addressed to the speakers throughout the workshop, ensuring engagement with many of the online participants.

The promotion of human rights also is a priority topic for the EPAS Consultative Committee, which currently consists of 25 sport NGOs, with the workshop proving pivotal in providing input to EPAS on these topical issues.

For more information about EPAS, please visit https://www.coe.int/en/web/sport/epas.