Activities in Coimbra promote European Universities Games

Activities in Coimbra promote European Universities Games

Preparations for the next edition of the largest university sport event in Europe – the European Universities Games (EUG) are well underway. The Organising Committee of the European Universities Games Coimbra 2018, in cooperation with local partners, as well as with the European University Sports Association (EUSA) has been busy this fall; let us share some highlights with you.

The celebrations of the #idus International Day of University Sport (IDUS) and the #beactive European Week of Sport (EWOS), organised in Coimbra in cooperation with the Portuguese Academic Federation of University Sport (FADU), received very positive feedback, engaging students and local population.

Canoeing as one of the activities of Experimenta programme

The University of Coimbra launched the "Experimenta" programme 2017/2018 as part of the European Universities Games' Coimbra 2018 Educational Programme. Beginning at the start of November, the experience sports programme is being promoted by the University's Sports Department and is open to the everyone involved with the university. So far, Personal Defence, Stamina, Canoeing, Judo, Swimming and Yoga are available.

Inter-Residencias tournament

To further promote the event and bringing the EUG closer to the people of Coimbra, especially the student community, the application for the "Inter-Residencias" tournament opened. This sports tournament targets students living in local students dormitories. This initiative is part of the legacy of the Games, offering 3x3 Basketball, Futsal and Volleyball, as well as Trivia challenge, taking place on some of EUG's 2018 venues.

Polybat tournament

The European Universities Games Coimbra 2018 is one of the partners of the Polybat tournament that will take place in one of the EUG's venues, Pavillion 3 of Coimbra's University Stadium in the beginning of Decemer, commemorating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Polybat is a lateral table tennis sport created in England during the 80's. This sport was designed for people with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, vertebro-medullary injuries or cranial trauma. The event will also include a wheel-chair Handball tournament and a sitting-volleyball tournament. This will be a good test for organization team as Para Table Tennis will be part of the sport programme in the Games.

Join the team!

The organising committee of the European Universities Games 2018 Coimbra strengthened the organising team at the end of November by opening nine opportunities to give support to key areas of the organisation. The following areas are open to applications: Non-sport (workshops, conferences, etc.), Sport, Volunteers, Accommodation, Transport, and IT. The volunteers are also needed, so pick your interest and join us!

Coimbra City Hall

Coimbra Municipality approved a 2.8 million EUR investment plan for the European Universities Games 2018 at the end of November, adding to the already well establish support gained so far. The investment will be used to offer high performance across different areas of Coimbra, including venues, transportation and security.

The organising committee is focused on providing a great Games and plan to leave a significant legacy in Coimbra’s university community, through sport equipment in the city of Coimbra, becoming an international sport’s reference and a unique university experience. This legacy includes the rehabilitation or creation of several university sports facilities in Coimbra, including three sports halls, university football stadium, rugby facilities and more. In the beginning of December, Coimbra will host the EUSA Supervision Commission who will meet with the Organizing Committee in regards to the preparations for the next year’s Games and define last details before the registration opens in mid December.

Stay tuned for more information, visit and follow the event on social media #eug2018!