What's Up: Volunteering in Sport

What's Up: Volunteering in Sport
Many individuals associate Volunteering in Sport as having a practical ‘hands on’ experience with sporting activity. This may be through coaching, training sessions or even volunteering at University level through clubs or the Sports Centre. However Sport can, in many ways, provide a platform for individuals to utilise their skills which are not specifically sport related. July 2013 was a very significant month in terms of Student Sport. The City of Kazan, Russia, was host to the 27th Summer Universiade - World University Games which would see over 12,000 student athletes taking part in over twenty seven different sports. 
The World University Games was an exciting and vibrant event for any spectator but the games also gave a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity too many young hopeful students wishing to volunteer. One of the international student who volunteered and spent three weeks in the city of Kazan was Ralph Pickering. Ralph was selected by British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) to be the British delegations Russian translator. London born Ralph, went over to Moscow to live when he was thirteen to join the famous Bolshoi Academy in Moscow. He then later returned to London where he is now studying Russian at the University College London. Ralph was an ideal candidate and without a shadow of a doubt an invaluable member to the British delegation. He would be on hand to help and support athletes, team managers, delegation staff and indeed the British Head Quarters team. Having learned the Russian language during his time in Moscow and his experience of the culture he was able to sort any minor or major communication problem. This experience for Mr Pickering was one that he will not forget; he was an integral part of the British delegation during the second biggest multi Sports event in the world, the Summer Universiade. 
Ralph commented: “The experience has been a fantastic opportunity for me. I have had a great time and met some amazing individuals and friends that I know I will keep. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and enjoyed watching sports events during my time in Kazan. I loved being able to go back to Russia and was able to make new relationships with individuals working in all aspects of sport. A real ‘once in a life time opportunity’”. 
Young volunteers are crucial to the development of Sport and the experience they bring makes student sport what it is today. Without volunteers sport can simply not work. EUSA has volunteering opportunities for many students, if you are interested please get in contact with the Student Commission to find out more information at .... To all the Volunteers who make Sport work, we thank you! 
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