What's Up: Crazy for the Games

What's Up: Crazy for the Games

It is fair to say that the world’s eyes are firmly placed on Brazil right now. The country is hosting this year’s FIFA World cup and the on field play has been everything we could have hoped for. 2014 is also an exciting time for many European students and the European University Sports Association (EUSA). This summer the city of Rotterdam will host the 2014 European Universities Games – which we are all extremely excited about. In this month’s student column we catch up with a few members of the EUSA Student Commission from all over Europe and see how they are looking forward to the up and coming games. 

Nick Braet (BEL)

Nick Braet from Belgium:

“These Games will definitely be a life experience for a lot of students. It’s amazing how sports can bring people from different cultures and nationalities together. Sports is a general understood language. For me, fair play is the most important value of sports, this is what combines competitiveness and friendship on and off the court. Besides this, the Games will give everyone the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and build some great international relations. It will be a place where athletes, volunteers and the organisation will create an unforgettable event in the beautiful city of Rotterdam!”

Eileen Schindler /on the left/ (GER)

Eileen Schindler from Germany:

“Here in Germany, students are now right within examination period, so they are all stressed and busy with writing exams, preparing essays and studying in the library. But they know they need to study hard and hurry up, so they are finished and ready to get off to the EUSA Games. It is the biggest summer event in university sports calendar and even the biggest highlight of their academic year! The games are taking place for the second time; the GAMES are already established as an appreciated event. This is proven by the over 300 German people who are going to Rotterdam. And they are right: the 2nd EUSA GAMES in Rotterdam will be fun, will be exciting for meeting international people, will be a successful and well organized event, they will never forget!”

Keren Lavi (ISR)

Keren Lavi from Israel:

“I must say that as a student who will graduate in one month the thing I will miss the most are the sport events! Sport events have the best atmosphere, best parties, best people and best experience than any other University activity I have attended in the past 4 years! There is no doubt I am going to miss it! With that, there is no better way to finish my "Student Life" (for now...) with volunteering at the European Universities Games! 10 sports! Over 35 countries! Hundreds of Students in one place! This will definitely be an unforgettable experience.”

Chris Purdie (GBR)

Christopher Purdie from United Kingdom:

“The 2014 EUGames are nothing short of being a spectacular event. All individuals who have a part to play are extremely looking forward to it and there is a real buzz around the city of Rotterdam. The Games is an event for all individuals to take part in and not just necessarily those who are participating in sport. Games are made by those individuals who take time out of their own busy schedules and volunteer! I am extremely looking forward to meeting and working beside students from all over Europe and to contributing to the 2nd ever EUSA Games. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those students who have already signed up to volunteer at the Games. I hope you have an unforgettable experience.” 

Bruno Barracosa (POR)


Bruno Barracosa from Portugal:

“European Universities Games 2014 are right around the corner! This moment represents a lot more than a competition where Universities try to grab the so desired trophy. It’s about friendship, sportsmanship, interaction with different cultures and on top of all to meet and greet new and old friends. The Games are bringing European students together in an amazing experience. I look forward to it the same way everyone else does: with expectation and excitement! I’m sure these Games will be as unique as always and that Rotterdam will bring on all the needed ingredients to host an amazing event. Before the competition starts I’d like to wish everyone good luck. But mostly, I wish you all enjoy your stay! See you there!”


If you would like to get involved and volunteer at this year’s Games in Rotterdam, there is still some time to apply. See www.eusa.eu/en/projects/volunteers for details. We all look forward to meeting you there!

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