2022 #LetsIDUS and #BeActive celebrations across Europe

2022 #LetsIDUS and #BeActive celebrations across Europe

Although officially commemorated in September, the International Day of University Sport with #LetsIDUS campaign and the European Week of Sport with #BeActive and #HealthyLifestyle4All campaigns were celebrated across Europe (and wider) throughout September and October.

European University Sports Association (EUSA) joined the celebrations not only by promoting these campaigns, but also through organising events and engagement in educational and sports activities; and similarly also national university sports bodies across the continent.

EUSA Convention

EUSA office also attended a university sports hike in Ljubljana on September 20, kicking off the International Day of University Sport and announcing the European Week of Sport coming up.

EUSA outdoor sports activities

The main EUSA celebrations this year were organised as an educational event in September: EUSA Convention in Kranjska Gora, held between September 22 and 25. Members of the EUSA Office, EUSA Technical Commission with Delegates and future organizers of European Universities Championships had the chance to celebrate these campaign and initiatives with educational as well as sports programme. The included a morning run to the nearby lake Jasna, adrenaline zip-lining activity, cross-country skiing, as well as indoor sports activities - playing badminton, shooting hoops, 3x3 basketball match, and volleyball match.

EUSA indoor sports activities

EUSA was otherwise also represented at the official activities related to the European Week of Sport, which were held in the Czech capital Prague between September 21 and 23. In Prague, special workshops were held, related to the Healthy Lifestyle For All initiative, and especially putting forward the #HealthyLifestyle4All Youth Ideas Labs, where the voices of youth participants were put forward.

EUSA at the opening of the European Week of Sport in Prague

Several activities were also held across Europe, many coordinated by our member federations. Here is a selection of activities, showcasing the diversity and possibilities:

Activities in Albania
At the occasion of #LetsIDUS and #BeActive, Albanian Federation of University Sport enabled volunteers, athletes and university students to participate in 3x3 basketball and volleyball matches, as well as try new activities, like Zumba. The main point was to offer them a chance to practice and have fun.

Activities in Armenia
Armenian Student Sports Federation organised the University Sport Regional Festival, held between September 20 and 23, including Armenian, Georgian, Iranian & Indian Students. The highlight was the #BeActive Beach Volleyball tournament with international participation.

Activities in Austria
Unisport Austria together with the Austrian Students Union organised a round table "University Sports in Austria" on September 20 at the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Day of Sports were held in Vienna and Leoben, and additional events in Klagenfurt (tennis tournament) and Innsbruck (bike challenge).

Activities in Belgium
ASEUS and ADEPS organized on September 27 an obstacle race for students. The aim of the event was to bring together all students who are enrolled at an ASEUS member institution. Participants were offered a choice of 5KM or 10KM on the beautiful site of the Lac de l'Eau de l'Heure in Froidchapelle.

Activities in Czechia
Czech University Sports Association this year focused on spreading information about the International Day of University Sport #LetsIDUS and the European Week of Sport #BeActive on their official communication and social media channels, specifically targeting students.

Activities in Croatia
Croatian Academic Sports Federation organized several activities, held in Zagreb, Split, Vukovar, Osijek, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Varaždin. Sports included 3x3 basketball, football, futsal, handball, sailing, volleyball and other activities. Overall, more than 400 athletes participated across the activities.

Activities in Estonia
Estonian Academic Sports Federation coordinated activities in cooperation with its member schools and their sports clubs. This year, celebrations were held in 7 different cities (Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Narva and Kohtla-Järve) and 18 different higher education institutions participated. Activities encompassed more traditional sports activities, as well as more innovative and fun approaches, such as Retro Sports Day, blind volleyball, sack run, plank holding, tug-of-war, etc.

Activities in Germany
German University Sports Federation coordinated a University Run challenge again this year. Students, employees and alumni from 81 ADH member universities took part in the third edition of the event, and the format of recording as many kilometres and metres of altitude as possible on foot in 60 minutes - for themselves as well as for their own university. It did not matter whether the full hour was completed at top speed or at a leisurely stroll. The challenge resulted in getting over 1,500 people moving nationwide on one working day.

Activities in Hungary
Several celebrations were coordinated and recorded in Hungary by the Hungarian University Sports Federation. The central event was held Budapest, where the best rowing and Dragon Boat teams of Hungarian higher education institutions took part in the Danube Regatta. The competitions were complemented by educational, entertainment, health and sports programs and concerts, and the Sports Ambassadors of University Sports could also discuss the experiences of the past year at a reception.

Activities in Montenegro
Students Sports Association of Montenegro posted several videos, with messages by the decision-makers, famous athletes and students about the importance of university sport. They also initiated series of nation-wide hikes, exploring the country.

Activities in North Macedonia
University Sports Federation of Macedonia organized a Conference with the perspectives of the university sports on national and international level. Speakers included representatives of the Faculty of  Physical Education, Sports and Health, Agency for youth and sports of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as European University Sports Association (via online participation) and by . At the conference, the representatives from the University Sports Associations, the University sports Centers, as well as prominent student athletes had their presentations.

Activities in Poland
University Sports Association of Poland coordinated several activities across the country. The main celebration was on September 20 in the center of Warsaw, promoting physical activity among local community, offering a chance to experience badminton, table tennis, running, hockey, rugby, indoor rowing. Experts from each sports were also present - athletes, coaches and medical experts.

More information about the campaigns:
- International Day of University Sport: https://www.fisu.net/fisu/about-fisu/international-day-of-university-sport
- European Week of Sport: https://sport.ec.europa.eu/european-week-of-sport
- Healthy Lifestyle for All: https://sport.ec.europa.eu/healthylifestyle4all