EUSA Insider:

Turkish University Sports Federation

Founded: 1996
Current Headquarters: Ankara
Website:                                                                                       Published 6 November 2020

Firstly, for those who do not know, please tell us a bit about your NUSA ...
The Turkish University Sports Federation (TUSF) continues to be a supporter of university youth by organising national and international sports events, since its founding in 1996. Today, as a leading member of International University Sports Federation and European University Sports Association, TUSF performs its service for more than 175 universities and university youth.

In 1996 there were just 12 sports and 4756 athletes participating in our events, yet over the past 24 years we have increased the number of sports and the participants each year. In 2020 the number of sports was 55, the number of events 82 and the number of participation reached 12 336.

Can you describe some of the major events your NUSA has hosted in recent years, both national and international?
TUSF has organised both the Summer (2005 Izmir) and the Winter (2011 Erzurum) Universiades, 10 World University Championships and five European Universities Championships, as well as the 2014 General Assembly of the European University Sports Association. Also ‘’Koç Spor Fest’’ has organised in the first week of the May since 2009 and is regarded as a national event.

2005 Summer Universiade

What have been some of the highlights for your NUSA in recent years?
New sport branches were added and promoted. In addition to this, our work for cooperative activities continue with branch fedeations.

“Participation in EUSA events are increasing year by year, while interest in EUSA events has increased significantly by universities.”

How important are the EUSA events – both sporting and educational – for your NUSA?
EUSA events have a great importance for our federation and also all universities. Participation in EUSA events are increasing year by year, while interest in EUSA events has increased significantly by universities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted university sport across the world. How was your NUSA able to adapt to the situation, what activities have you still managed to organise and are there any positives you have noted from these difficult circumstances?
COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on our federation. We have not been able to organise any sport events since March, but we are planning to organise some contactless events in the new year.

Wrestling championships in Turkey

Finally, what does the future of university sport in your country hold?
We hope to reach more students, pay more attention to volunteer programmes and ensure that university students take part in important events as volunteers.

EUSA wishes the Turkish University Sports Federation well for all their future endeavours, and looks forward to seeing their NUSA members and student-athletes at many of our events in future!