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Spanish University Sports Committee

Founded: 1988
Current Headquarters: Madrid
Website:                                                                                        Published 4 December 2020

Firstly, for those who do not know, please tell us a bit about your NUSA ...
The Spanish University Sports Committee (CEDU) was created on December 20th, 1988 for the development of Spanish university sports. The Spanish University Sports Committee (CEDU) is attached to a public organism called Higher Sports Council (CSD). The functions of CEDU are to: present to CSD the annual competitions and activities national university sports, as well as participation in international competitions; provide technical advice to the CSD in preparatory and follow-up actions for the development of sports competitions and university activities and to prepare reports on the matter college sports.

The CEDU structure is made up of: President Ms Irene Lozano Domingo; Secretary Mr Jesus Mardaras Arrue, the Steering Committee; the Technical Commission and the Technical Advisors. Currently, CEDU is made up of 81 public and private universities.

Can you describe some of the major events your NUSA has hosted in recent years, both national and international?
CEDU organises national and international events. The most prominent national competitions are the annual Spanish University Championships which involve 30 sports modalities. Individual sports include chess, athletics, badminton, cross country, climbing, fencing, golf, weightlifting, horse riding, judo, karate, wrestling, swimming, orienteering, paddle tennis, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, archery, triathlon, sailing and beach volleyball, while team sports: basketball, 3x3 basketball, handball, soccer, futsal, rugby 7s and volleyball.

International competitions that CEDU has organised in recent years include the 2015 Winter Universiade in Granada, the very first European Universities Games in Cordoba in 2012, 17 World University Championships and 13 European Universities Championships.

2012 Cordoba

What have been some of the highlights for your NUSA in recent years?
The highlights that CEDU has been developing in university sports in recent year include improving the structures of university sports, developing athletes’ dual careers, raising the standard of university events, fostering the practice of sports among women, encouraging public/private cooperation, effective incorporation of inclusive sport, increase Spain’s participation in international organisations, the accreditation of professional competences acquired through sport, encouraging the sponsorship of university sports, driving university sports as a promoter of healthy lifestyles, ensuring sports are a key element in the educational packages offered by universities and working for clean, equal and inclusive sports.

“All universities are very interested in participating in competitions and university athletes are highly motivated by the events that EUSA has.”

How important are the EUSA events – both sporting and educational – for your NUSA?
All the events organised by EUSA are widely accepted within our NUSA. All universities are very interested in participating in competitions and university athletes are highly motivated by the events that EUSA has.

EUC Golf 2019

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted university sport across the world. How was your NUSA able to adapt this situation, what activities have you still managed to organise and are there any positives you have noted from these difficult circumstances?
The situation, as in the rest of the countries, is very difficult. We do not know when we will be able to return to normality and we cannot anticipate any date of return to competition. It is very difficult for us to return to competitions normally in Spain.

Finally, what does the future of university sport in your country hold?
Despite the circumstances, we are positive and we believe that the pandemic will improve and we will be able to return to normality in our sports activities.

EUSA wishes the Spanish University Sports Committee well for all their future endeavours, and looks forward to seeing their NUSA members and student-athletes at many of our events in future!