EUSA Insider:

Rahel Krause

Age:                  26
Place of Birth:  Hagen, Germany
University:        RWTH Aachen University (GER)
Sport:                Judo                                                                                                  Published 6 March 2020

How and why did you get involved in Judo?
My parents also do Judo. When I was a little child, I watched them competing. They are also my coaches. I started Judo when I was five.

What do you study, and how do you balance your study, training and competition?
I am studying mechanical engineering and now I am doing my masters in the field of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University. Training and competition are a good compensation to university. Judo helps me concentrate more when studying.


Tell us about your experiences at previous EUSA events…
I first got the chance to compete in 2016 when the EUSA Games took place in Rijeka, Croatia. In the next years I also competed in EUSA events in Coimbra, Portugal and Zagreb, Croatia. I always enjoyed it because it was possible to watch other sports like Swimming, Rugby or Taekwondo. It is great to see other people doing their sport and learn something about it. I also got in touch with other athletes from different countries which is also a good chance for new friendships.

What are you looking forward to most in Belgrade, and what are your aspirations?
Probably Belgrade will be my last EUSA Games, because I will then start working, so I hope it is going to be as great as the previous events. As I could not get a medal in 2019, I hope to get a medal in Belgrade like I did in 2018 and 2017.

“The atmosphere is just great.”

Why do you think taking part in university sport is important?
It is important to do university sports to have a balance in your life, otherwise you would only study and that cannot be healthy.

What is your most memorable university sport moment?
When I came 2nd at the EUSA Games in 2018 in Coimbra. I loved the mascot which was always happy and motivated the spectators to cheer on.


What is your message to European student-athletes like yourself?
When competing in EUSA Championships or Games, enjoy it. It is a serious competition but not as serious as other international competitions. The atmosphere is just great.

EUSA would like to congratulate Rahel for her success at the previous edition of the European Universities Games and Championships, and we hope to see her very soon, at the 2020 European Universities Games in Belgrade, Serbia!