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Nora-Magdalena Tomić


Age:                    22

Place of Birth:   Vinkovci, Croatia

University:         University of Zagreb (CRO)


Published: 19 October 2017EUSA Rugby Nora Magdalena Group


Describe how and why did you get involved with EUSA Volunteer Programme?

In 2015 I saw posters about European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 and decided to apply for volunteering in Zagreb, because it was a big event for Croatia and I wanted to be a part of it. At the EUG I found out that it is also possible to be an international volunteer and go to other countries during EUSA sports events. As I liked volunteering in Zagreb very much, I decided to apply for EUC Rugby 7s this year.


Tell us about your involvement in sport.

When I was in primary school and high school I did sports just for recreation, but when I started University I stopped with everything except inline skates and bike riding at the weekends. As I like watching the matches, EUSA volunteer program seemed like a good idea to be a part of the sports events, even if I am not an athlete.

 "The EUC 2017 fulfilled all my expectations and much more, it was really an amazing experience!"



Describe your experience of volunteering at the European Universities Championships 2017. Is this your first time volunteering at an international sports event? 

I volunteered at European Universities Rugby 7 Championship 2017 in Milan, Italy. The main reason I came to Italy was to practice my Italian, because I don’t have often a chance to speak Italian with native speakers. The second reason was to spend well my free time during summer break and helping at the Championship seemed right. Last, but not  least, was to meet people from other countries, or better said, new friends. The EUC 2017 fulfilled all my expectations and much more, it was really an amazing experience.


EUSA Rugby Nora Magdalena Milan


In 2018 the European Universities Games 2018 will take place in Coimbra, Portugal, we would love to see you there again! Will you apply again for the EUSA Volunteer Programme?

I would like to apply for Coimbra as soon as I find out if I am free from university duties in that time and I hope to be chosen to come and experience the next European Universities Games!

"The only bad thing is that you

will be sad when it is all over"


This is your chance! What is your message to young europeans interested in volunteering?!

As a young person, volunteering at Universities Championships/Games is something you need to do in your life and this is why: 1) because it is at international level, you learn to accept differences and appreciate the things from different cultures that make us unique, but you also learn to recognize the similarities who bond us. 2) You have the opportunity to speak foreign languages and improve them. 3) If you are an international volunteer, you have the chance to visit a new country. 4) You can watch interesting matches in sports you like, or like me, discover a new sport which is interesting for you. 5) You will be happy because you will know that you are doing something good for the society. 6) The only bad thing is that you will be sad when it is all over, but you will be a richer person with a fantastic experience and lots of new friends.


EUSA would like to say a massive thank you to Nora for volunteering at EUSA events in the last few years, it would not have been the same without her! We wish her the best in her studies, and we hope to see her at EUSA events in the near future.

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