EUSA Insider:

Natalie Schoemann

Age: 25
Place of Birth/Nationality: Nürnberg/German
University: University of Bamberg
Sport: Snowboarding 

Published 25 January 2024

1. How did you get involved in snowboarding and why?

I like snowboarding because it a sport that brings so much fun and I love riding in the mountains.Riding nice slopes and having nice riding lines in between the gates, it is amazing for me.

2. Did you already take part in EUSA events before or is it your first time?

Yes, it is my very first time in an EUSA event and I have to say it was a very nice experience for me.

3. Otherwise did you compete in other sports events? National and local, which ones?

Yes, I did compete in other international competitions, of course. I have been part of the FIS National Championship.

4. How did you like the European Universities Winter Championships, are you satisfied with your performance and results?

I’m very satisfied! I won the gold medal yesterday, so I’m happy about that. The second race was not so successful, since I crashed, but in general I’m still very satisfied with my results, and the competition itself.  

5. Will you attend another maybe winter championship that we will organise?

Yes, I would love to, it just depends on if I am still a student or not.

6. What would you tell your fellow student - athletes, should they participate in our events?

Of course, I recommend participation in eventslike this EUSA championship because it’s so fun, you can meet so many students from a lot of countries and it’s very nice to be somewhere in Europe doing the sport you love, competing in events for university students.