EUSA Insider:

Marko Gašpar

Age: 23

Place of Birth/Nationality: Split/ Croatian
University: University of Split, Faculty of Kinesiology
Sport: Futsal

Published 31 August 2023

1. How did you get involved in the sport you play futsal?
- I live in Vrgorac, a small town where Futsal is undoubtedly the most popular
sport and where the same named club constantly plays the first Croatian futsal
league for over 16 years. I started playing it when I was 10, my friends told me to enrol in training sessions when they saw me playing during PE class at school, so that is where it all started.

2. Did you already take part in EUSA events before or is it your first time?
- This was my first time participating in an EUSA event, and I am glad I was a part of it all. It was an amazing experience.

3. Otherwise, did you compete in other sports events? Which ones?
- I have only competed in events at the national level in futsal.
4. In which ways is the participation in EUSA sport events different from the other sport competitions you took part in?
- The difference is that it encompasses the whole Europe, students from other
countries come together in one place, forming new acquaintances and friendships. Organizing such an event is not easy, and I believe that Split and EUSA have done it at a very high level, leaving a pleasant memory for everyone.

5. Are you satisfied with your performance and experience in the European Universities Futsal Championship?
- When we sum it all up, I am satisfied. Undoubtedly, some things could have been done better, but it is what it is. I also received an individual award, which means lot to me. I am most disappointed that we didn't make it to the finals, as we were very close, but we have no reason to complain. I am proud of the team, finishing third in Europe is not a small thing.

6. How do you think competing in sports events like the European Universities Championships can help your development as an athlete?
-This is an event at the European level that gathers a wide range of people engaged in the same sport. I believe it can influence the development of every player both in sports and social aspects. After all, who knows, if you perform exceptionally well in the competition, you might even receive some good offers from abroad that can change your life.

7. Why would you recommend participating in the Championships/Games to other student athletes?
- I would recommend it because it is truly a higher level of competition. I want
everyone to experience the wonderful feeling of being a part of all this and
competing with peers from all over Europe.
8. What would be your final message to other student athletes like you?
- Just an easy one ----» Study as long as you can and play the best you can!