EUSA Insider:

Marie Dehri

Age:                   19

Place of birth:   France
University:        University of Bordeaux (FRA)
Sport:                Football

Published 29 November 2022

The women football team of the University of Bordeaux won the first place of the European Universities Games 2022 football women competition, where Ms Marie Dehrie won the Top Scorrer Award. With being the champions the team also qualified for the 2023 World Football University Cup.  

What are your impressions about the European Universities Games 2022?

It is definitely an experience to live in one's life. For me it was an incredible adventure to participate to this event and now we are looking forward to next years challenge, the University World Cup in Jinjiang, China.

To which competitions did you participate before, and is this your first EUSA event?

In 2022, we competed at the national championships in France for both football with 8 and with 11 players and we won the first place on the podium at both competitions. This gold trophee at the European Universities Games 2022 is our third gold trophee of the year. And for me this is the first EUSA event, I have competed in, so far. 

Outside your own matches, did you have the chance to see other sports competitions and to visit the city?

Yes, we went to cheer for a few other sports competitions in which our university was competing, and we had some time to walk around the city of Lodz, for example in Manufaktura. The event and the city itself, are really amazing.

Why would you recommend participation in the Games to other student athletes?

It is always a good opportunity to play the sport you love, together with your team. Additionally is a also a great chance to meet new people, watch other teams compete, learn new things from each competition, and upgrade the skills in the sport you play.

What would be your final message to other student athletes like you?

Play the sport you love, not just to win, but also to have fun, to get better and to discover and get new opportunities, through events like the European Universities Games.