EUSA Insider:

Margaux Silvestri

Age:                   22
Place of Birth:  Marseille, France
University:        Paris Descartes University (FRA) 
Sport:                Judo                                                                                                  Published 21 June 2019

How and why did you get involved in Judo?
One day, a friend of mine began to practise judo and I followed him. I immediately liked the sport and since then I never stopped. When I was young, I did other sports, but I’ve always preferred judo. Nowadays, I’m very involved in judo. In fact, I’m a high-level judo athlete and I train every day. As I was taking my school courses, I also offered judo training for other people and helped organise judo competitions.

What do you study, and how do you balance your study, training and competition?
After I passed the baccalaureate, I would have liked to enter a school for physiotherapists, but these studies weren’t adequate to continue high level judo. So I went to university and obtained a degree in sports where I took courses in physiology, sociology, anatomy and sports. During my university years it was hard to manage training and studies since training sessions and university classes took place quite far from each other. This year, I’m doing a Master’s degree and I’m studying at the INSEP, so classes and training are in the same place.

Margaux Silvestri Judo 1

Tell us about your experiences at the European Universities Games 2018. Was it your first time at a EUSA event, and what did you enjoy the most?
European Universities Games 2018 was my first university competition. In fact, for the last two years, I chose the federal calendar and I didn’t take part in the competitions for the French university championships, which were qualifiers. During that week, we were grouped with other sports and faculties. We were able to talk with everyone and discover new cultures and new ways of life, so it was a real social experience.

Why do you think taking part in university sport is important?
The championship of French University sports enables other people to experience sports and championships. Indeed, university competitions give people who don’t succeed at the federal level an opportunity to participate in international competitions. Moreover, these competitions make it possible to have both a sport and social experience.

“It’s possible to have a dual career. It may take a little more time to reach our goals but if you want to succeed, you can.”

In 2019 the European Universities Judo Championships will take place in Zagreb, Croatia. Do you hope to be there, and if so, how have your preparations been, and what do you hope to achieve?
The France University Championships have already taken place as well as the qualifications to go to the European Championships. I happen to be qualified for both the individual competition as well as for the team competition with Paris Descartes University. Like any sportsperson, of course I would like to win these two competitions!

Margaux Silvestri Judo 2

What is your favourite university sport moment?
I think the European University Games is my best memory, both from a sport and social point of view. It’s more and more uncommon that my family comes to see me in competition, but they attended this one. Knowing they were present gave me more energy and resources.

What is your message to European student-athletes like yourself?
It’s possible to have a dual career. It may take a little more time to reach our goals, but if you want to succeed, you can. This management of a dual career allows one to be autonomous, organised, and to live an incredible social experience. In addition to this, we travel everywhere, and we can discover new cultures and countries.

EUSA would like to congratulate Margaux for her success at the European Universities Games and we hope to see her again very soon, at the European Universities Championships 2019!