EUSA Insider:

Mareike Adams

Age:                   29
Place of Birth:  Gießen, Germany
University:        University of Duisburg-Essen (GER)
Sport:                Rowing                                                                                              Published 23 July 2019


How and why did you get involved in rowing?
Rowing wasn’t a sport I appreciated at first, but I had a neighbour who asked me several times to come with her to the clubhouse and try this special sport which was organised by her school. I really didn't have any more arguments against rowing, so I went with her to the clubhouse, and really liked it after the first time trying. One week later I was a member of the “Rudergesellschaft Wetzlar” and my rowing career started. 

What do you study, and how do you balance your study, training and competition?
I was studying physical education and mathematics to become a teacher. At Under 23 level I studied full-time only in the winter, and in the summer I reduced my lessons by half so I had enough time for traveling to several competitions and training camps. To combine my studies and training was not that difficult as I expected because I tried to train before lessons and again afterwards. The only thing I didn’t like much was that I had to choose lessons to fit my training timetable and not the ones I found interesting. At the A-Level though, it was really hard to combine my studies and training/competitions, which is the reason why I didn’t study 2,5 years before the Olympic Games.

Tell us about your experiences at the European Universities Games 2018. Was it your first time at a EUSA event, and what did you enjoy the most?
I liked the European University Games very much. This event was my first at this level. What I really enjoyed was the nice atmosphere between all competitors and the opportunity to watch other sports which competed during the same week. It was very easy to get into contact with other people.  

Mareike Adams 1

Why do you think taking part in university sport is important?
First of all, you have the chance to meet people from all over the world. By doing sports on a higher level, you will learn a lot of things which you will need in your later life, eg. at your job. But you will also be a great example for younger students, and sport is good for everyone!

“Try to enjoy the time at the university and do as much sport as possible.”

In 2019 the European Universities Rowing Championships will take place in Jankoping, Sweden. Do you hope to be there, and if so, how have your preparations been, and what do you hope to achieve?
We will be there, because our qualification was one year before. At the moment we are in preparations for the German University Championship, so I hope that we are in really good shape. There are still a few weeks until the European Championships starts, so we want to try to conserve our shape and to defend our title at the European University Championships.

What is your favourite university sport moment?
I like to try as many sports as possible, so I really don’t have a favourite. But I like to do sports in a team, so I appreciate team sports.

Mareike Adams 2

What is your message to European student-athletes like yourself?
Try to enjoy the time at the university and do as much sport as possible. University sport gives all of us the chance to compete internationally and to meet interesting people as well as visit wonderful cities.

EUSA would like to congratulate Mareike for her success at the 2018 European Universities Games, and we hope to see her soon, at the European Universities Championships 2019!