EUSA Insider:

Katarina Stražar

Age: 22
Place of Birth/Nationality: Ljubljana/ Slovenian
University: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport
Sport: Table Tennis

Published 13 September 2023

1. How did you get involved in the sport you play Table Tennis?
I started to play it as a free time activity in my Primary school.

2. Did you already take part in EUSA events before or is it your first time?
Yes, I participated in the European Universities Games in Lodz, Poland, last year.

3. Otherwise did you compete in other sports events? Which ones?
I have participated in other European and world championships, in international and national competitions,as well as at the European and Mediteranian Games.

4.In which ways is the participation in EUSA sport events is different from the other sport competitions you took part in?
At EUSA events, besides the competition, there is more time for enjoying, connecting with people, more socialising and a lot more fun!

5. Are you satisfied with your performance/experience at the European Universities Table Tennis Championship this year?
Outside of the court I had the best time, my play could be better but all in all I am very satisfied with my personal results and the results of the team from University of Ljubljana in general.

6.How do you think competing in sports events like EUC and EUG can help your development as an athlete in Table Tennis?
These events have a different kind of competitions, different level of opponents, great team spirit and lots of cheering for your teammates. All brings different quality and experience. 

7.Why would you recommend participation in  EUSA Championships/Games to other student athletes?
Because it is the best time you could have, an experience you must take it if you have a chance.

8. What would be your final message to other student athletes like you?
It is really good to be a sportsman and to have your goals and motivation, but I think it is as important to don't forget about your education and also to have fun. Just relax and believe that everything will be okay!!!