EUSA Insider:

Gerda and Rugile Grudzinskaites

Age: 24 and 23
Nationality: Lithuanian
University: Lithuanian Sports University
Sport: Beach Volleyball

Published 05 October 2023

1. How did you get involved in Beach Volleyball and how long are you playing it?

In the beginning, both my sister and I used to attend modern dances. Later, the mothers friend
started training the girls in indoor volleyball. A friend of us wanted to try, so we were also
interested! And here we are, 7 wonderful years spent in indoor and 4 years in beach

2. Did you already take part in EUSA events before or is it your first time?

No, this is our first time participating in EUSA event!

3. Otherwise did you compete in other sports events? National and local, which ones?

We are always participating in all beach volleyball events as much as we can! Lithuanian beach
volleyball championship, Continental cup, Pro Beach Tours, commercial tournaments!

4. In which ways is the participation in EUSA sport events is different from the other
sport competitions you took part in?

It is a huge honnor to represent our Lithuanian Sports University! And even more so when we
can do it while playing together as a team, as sister! Also, we liked that this competition is
characterized by nature conservation, not sharing water bottles, good organization and 
friendly organizers that will help you in dealing with all things.

5. How did you like the European Universities Beach Volleyball Championship, are you
satisfied with your performance and results?

From the moment we arrived, we really wanted to achieve the best result. We knew that this
might be the first and last time representing our university together, so we gave all our
strength and achieved our goals, it means a lot to us!

6. What was the most important moment for you, through the entire competition?

The most important thing was to have a good connection with sister/partner even in the most
difficult moments and to fight to the end no matter how bad things seemed that moment while
playing in the court!

7. How is it sharing the court and playing with your sister?

The truth is that when you spend a lot of time with a family member at home, who is also a
partner in the practices, volleyball camps and etc. sometimes you get angry or need moment
of silence to calm down. However, there is nothing better than fighting with the dearest
person and sharing moments of sadness and joy together.

8. How do you think competing in sports events like this Championship can help your
development as an athlete?

We agree and believe that not everyone can participate in the various world beach volleyball
tours for many reasons, so representing your university and participating in such an event is a
great opportunity for everyone.

9. Why would you recommend participation in the Championships to other student

No matter how the tournament ends for your team, such student tournaments are priceless. A
great experience, an opportunity to connect with students from other countries and have a
great time! This trip will be remembered for a lifetime, so we truly recommend it.

10. What would be your final message to other student athletes like you?

Get the most out of life and do not miss the chance to represent your university team! Enjoy
every moment being here.