EUSA Insider:

Brunel Muba

Volunteer Coordinator                                                                                                Published 19 July 2019

Describe how and why did you get involved with volunteering at EUSA events?
Since I was 16 years old I have been involved in many volunteer projects, but never at university level, so when my Portuguese friends who I did some local volunteering sent me the link for the European Universities Football Championship 2017 in Porto, I decided to apply because I was curious to see how championships for universities worked. It was a good idea because I really enjoyed it, I met amazing people and it opened many doors to be more involved as a volunteer in university sport events.

Brunel Muba volunteer 2

Tell us about your involvement in sport.
I been involved in sports in various different ways. When I was a kid I did Judo and played football, but I then stopped football to focus on judo, though I never wanted to be professional and kept it as a passion. Now I'm involved in sport because I'm working for an international sport federation and also as volunteer for many international sports events. Sport has always been in my life.

Describe your experience of volunteering at the European Universities Games 2018. Was this your first time volunteering at an international sports event?
My experience as volunteer during the EUG2018 was amazing but tiring too because I was team attaché for several teams and it was the first time I was in charge of so many teams. It was a real challenge because you need to be ready to help your team as fast possible and at any time, but thankfully I had teams that were amazing and I could also count on the help of other attachés. The highlight of my EUG2018 was when I received the volunteer award from the EUSA president … I will never forget this moment when I heard my name as well as the loud applause from the teams and other attachés when I went onto the stage.

Brunel Muba volunteer 1

In 2019 the European Universities Championships will take place all over Europe! Did you apply for the EUC 2019 Volunteer programme?
In 2019 I will be involved only in the 3X3 Basketball Championship in Porto because I was working at the 30th summer Universiade 2019 in Napoli, so the only free time I have will be around the 3x3 Basketball Championship which fits with my schedule.

“Sometimes things will be hard during volunteering, but in the end many doors will open and it will be totally worth it.”

What is your message to young Europeans interested in volunteering?
What I have to say to the future European young volunteers is to believe in their talent and to never give up; sometimes things will be hard during volunteering, but in the end many doors will open and it will be totally worth it. 

EUSA would like to thank Brunel for his contribution at the 2018 European Universities Games and look forward to seeing him soon, at the European Universities 3x3 Basketball Championships!