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EUSA Insider:

Barbara Ducz


Age:                   25

Place of Birth:   Budapest, Hungary

University:         University of Physical Education (HUN) 

 Published: 8 December 2017 

Barbara Ducz EUSA Coimbra 2017 Team

Briefly describe how and why did you get involved in Taekwondo?

I’ve been doing taekwondo since 1997, I started when I was only 5. It was love at first sight, I wasn’t that girly girl at that time. It was my idea to try it, and nobody was a professional athlete in my family. I just stuck in taekwondo because of the friends, feelings, adrenaline and the beauty of this sport. Since then I’ve been at several hundred competitions, World and European Championships, Olympic Qualifications, etc.


"I’ve been at several hundred competitions,

World and European Championships,

Olympic Qualifications, etc."


What do you study? How do you balance your study, trainings and competitions?

I studies Sports Organising BSc and Sports Management MSc on the University of Physical Education. This September I started Sports protocol and diplomacy on Kodolányi János University, which is a post gradual education. I used to be a private student, that’s how I balanced my life. The protocol education is on Saturdays, but it may be missed without consequence.

Barbara Ducz EUG 2016 Hrki

Tell us about your experience of the European Universities Championships 2017. Is this your first time at an EUSA event?

I was competing on EUSA European Games in 2016, where I got bronze medal, this was the second time for me on a EUSA event. With my experince, I hope I can further develop the strength of Taekwondo in European university sport. I have lots of  logical ideas that help EUSA continue to grow, based on my 20 years in taekwondo.

"I hope I will be there as an official

of the Hungarian University Sports Federation"


In 2018 the European Universities Games 2018 will take place in Coimbra, Portugal, do you hope to be there? Why do you think university sport events are important?

As we know, unfortunately there won’t be taekwondo events during EUG 2018, but I hope that I will be there as an official of the Hungarian University Sports Federation, where I started to work as a result of my experince at the EUG 2016.

Barbara Ducz Respect

 This is your chance! What is your message to European students like yourself?

Live with all opportunities and enjoy sports life! 

EUSA would like to thank Barbara for participating in EUSA events in the last few years,
we hope to see her once again in Coimbra next summer!


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