EUSA Insider:

Anna Dymova

Age:                  27
Place of Birth:  Mykolaiv, Ukraine
University:        Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University (UKR)
Sport:                Rowing                                                                                             Published 19 March 2021

How and why did you get involved in Rowing?
I found out about rowing when I started attending university. We had physical education classes at the rowing base, where the coaches noticed me, they came to me after the class was over and asked me to try out rowing. This is how my career in this sport began!

What do you study, and how do you balance your study, training and competition?
At the beginning of my sports career, I studied sociology, and now I’m continuing my studies in the specialty of physical culture and sport. I always aim to achieve only positivity from my training and studies, for which I very responsibly complete my assignments for my studies, so that I could calmly engage in my favourite sport without any obstacles. And that’s why my instructors easily let me go to competitions.

Anna Dymova team

Tell us about your experience at previous EUSA events, or if EUG 2021 is your first EUSA competition?
With pleasure, these are unforgettable emotions and impressions! The first time I was acquainted with the student competition movement was at the 2012 World Student Championships in Kazan, Russia. Then I took part in the 2013 World Universiade that took place in Kazan, Russia as well. But back then I was still very young and not strong enough. Later, as I gained more experience as an athlete, I took part in EUG2018 in Portugal which was a new stage for me in student competitions, and I was very glad to meet new people and gain new experiences. I appreciated the opportunities and earned a good result. For the following year I was sure that at the next competition among students I would win a medal. And it did happen like that at the 2019 European Universities Rowing Championship in Jonkoping, Sweden!

What are you looking forward to most in Belgrade, and what are your aspirations?
I expect a lot of positive emotions from my trip to Belgrade. It’s a new town for me, and I don’t know much about it, and it is so mysterious right now and I'm not sure on what to expect from it. Of course, I’m excited to meet new students that are just like me and are from different parts of the world, it will be really cool to share my experience with them. But the main thing that I want from this trip, is to achieve the highest award for my hard work in sports, and that is a gold medal! “The chances are there, but it’s important to not forget about them! And believe in your strengths till the end!”

“I’m excited to meet new students that are just like me and are from different parts of the world, it will be really cool to share my experience with them.”

Why do you think taking part in university sport is important?
During university sports competitions you’re always exchanging information and experiences with other students from different parts of the world, and that is cool! You find out about new opportunities, about new universities at which you can continue your studies at later and change your life dramatically!

What is your most memorable university sport moment?
That was at the 2019 European Universities Rowing Competition, we got through to Final A, and it was time for the final start, first we’re hearing the readiness questions, then ‘ATTENTION’, and ‘GO!’. And we took off, slowly we started to get ahead of our competitors, and everything went according to plan. The last 50 meters of the distance, we passed under the bridge from which our coach was supporting us, unknown to us. We were in 3-4 place, we were going nose to nose. And then I, as the main one in our boat, heard “Anya, you can do it! Raise it up!”. And we did so, after the finish we had a 5-minute wait, during which judges were observing the photos of the finish, and then we find out that we won by just hundredths of seconds from our rivals! A storm of emotions fell on us, in that moment we were super happy!

Anna Dymova podium

What is your message to European student-athletes like yourself?
“Never doubt yourself, believe and strive for the best!” See you at the start of EUG2021!

EUSA wishes Anna all the best with her preparations and we look forward to seeing her very soon at the 2021 European Universities Games in Belgrade, Serbia!