First EUSA-EPF European Universities Championship is on the way

First EUSA-EPF European Universities Championship is on the way
On January 10, 2024 EUSA Office in Ljubljana hosted a meeting on the topic of the first EUSA-EPF European Universities Powerlifting Championship. European University Sports Association (EUSA) Sports Manager Miha Zvan, Sports Officer Eszter Gulyas and Sports Administrator Aleksandra Andreeva held a working meeting with the representatives of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), Mr Emanuel Scheiber, General Manager and European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) Ms Tetiana Melnyk, Secretary General.

The representatives of EUSA and IPF/EPF continued with the fruitful dialogue of the past years about the future cooperation, in particular by expanding on the ongoing discussion about the possibilities to include Powerlifting in the program of the EUSA European Universities Championships.
To move things forward, all EUSA procedures, operations and event organisational requirements have been analysed and processed in detail, in order to be studied and taken in consideration by any potential Organising Committee. Being all these documents and the related proposal mostly ready, some prospective candidates have been presented and some closing discussions have been made regarding potential locations for the first EUC Powerlifting. 
The aim of the conversation was to broaden the possibilities of having the first joint event in 2025: EUSA-EPF European Universities Powerlifting Championship is therefore on the way, with this project leading to be further discussed and approved by the EUSA Executive Committee.

In 2020, EUSA and EPF signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen cooperation and partnership between the two organizations. This Memorandum also aims to promote and contribute to the development of Powerlifting activities and projects among students, as well as to explore new opportunities for synergy and collaboration. The first joint venture deriving from the new partnership was the organisation of four editions of the European Universities Powerlifting Cups, which have been successfully organised since 2020.

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