You are a student and you want to take part in EUSA activities


1 - How can I qualify for a European Universities Championship / European Universities Games?


You need to be a student (aged 17 to 28) – or you graduated the previous academic year – from a university in one of the EUSA member countries.

(See Members page: /en/eusa/members)


Your national university sport federation is the only body responsible for your qualification.



Usually, you have to take part in the relevant national university championship and achieve a good result (winner, runner-up and sometimes semi-finalists are qualified) to be qualified for the championship.

You must contact your National University Sport Federation; it will submit a general entry form (1st step of the registration) to the relevant Organising Committee.

If more participants than expected are applying for one championship, then the organising committee and the EUSA will choose the participants in accordance with EUSA rules. (Depending on the representativeness of countries, the time of registration and the maximum number of participants per country)





2- How can I register for a European Universities Championship / European Universities Games?


A very detailed PDF guide of the registration process might be found here:[file]=NHZEYQD1


Here’s a summary to make sure you don’t miss any steps:


Now that you’ve qualified (see previous question), you need to follow the registration process to ensure your participation at the relevant event.


There are deadlines to respect if you want to take part in a EUSA event:


-          - General entry form : 3 months before the event

-          - Quantitative entry form : 2 months before

-          - Referee entry form (for relevant sports) : 2 months before

-          - Individual entry forms and travel plan : 14 days before


All the registration process is done through the EUSA online registration system:


1) On each event page you’ll find a registration link, it leads to a page where you need to log on. (link format :


2) The first step is done by your National University Sport Association which has codes to log on :

    They register you or your team thanks to the General entry form under a University name WITH A CONTACT PERSON NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS.


3) This contact person will then automatically receive a username and password.


4)  An invoice for a deposit (see FAQ Money matters) is automatically generated. Only once the deposit is paid, the contact person will be able to carry on the registration process.


5)  The contact person can then edit the Quantitative entry form (number of athletes, referees, official, date of arrival, date of departure)

     Then the organiser must mark you as paid and confirmed (you should contact the organiser then, to arrange detail for the 50% payment before the championship)


6)  The contact person must fill Individual entry forms according to the number of persons you stated in the Quantitative form. They should be printed and signed/sealed by university to serve as Certificate of Academic Eligibility.

     When this last step is done and approved by organiser then you are registered and can prepare your trip.

Keep a regular contact with organisers (travel plans, info about accommodation) to ensure everything goes smoothly.




3 - How can I get involved inother EUSA activities ?


Besides the European Universities Championships, students from all over Europe can take part in EUSA activities in different ways:


You can be a volunteer in one of the championship, check out more: /en/projects/volunteers

(Every championship’s organiser needs many volunteer and will recruit at least 2 EUSA volunteers, if you’re chosen you’ll only have to pay for your journey)


If a EUSA event is held close to where you live, you can also contact the organisers and be a volunteer out of the EUSA Volunteer program.


You can become an elected member of the EUSA Student Commission and be the students’ voice within the EUSA.





You are a Sports Director, a Rector or a person in charge for sports related projects in a University in one of the EUSA members' countries


1 - Students want to know how to qualify and register to European Universities Championships or European Universities Games, what should I tell them?


See questions 1 and 2 above 




2 - I want to advertise about EUSA championships and activities in my univeristy, what can I do?


I can put a link or a page on EUSA activities on my University website under the sport section. (EUSA can provide a one-page content with most important information)

I can ask EUSA to send leaflets that I can hand out in my University.

I can bid to host a EUSA event