As we are aware that it can be quite confusing to understand what you should pay, when and to whom, this section should help you out.


1 - I'm a student and I'd like to know what are the costs to take part in a European Universities Championship...


The Participation fee is 65€/person/night.

EUSA/Entry fees is 30€/person



2 - How, When and to Who should I pay ?


1 - You must pay a deposit (which will be deducted to the participation costs) to EUSA bank account as soon as you submit the General Entry Form


team sports : 2000€

individual sports / team event : 400€

individual sports / individual event : No deposit


The deposit is non-refundable.

If you cancel your participation, the deposit will not be refunded.


2 - You have to pay 50% of your participation fees to the Organising Committee after submitting your Quantitative Entry Form


3 - You have to pay 50% remaining (- deposit) to the Organising Committee when you arrive at the championship


4 - You have to pay an entry fee, to the EUSA, when you arrive at the championship.