European Universities Games Lodz 2022

July 17-30, 2022


Poland's third-biggest city Lodz is hosting the sixth edition of the European Universities Games, as announced at the EUSA General Assembly held in Madrid in April 2018. The event represents the biggest university sport event organised in Poland since the Winter Universiade in 2001.

Registration opened on December 15, 2021; with more information published below and on the official website of the event. European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the Organising Committee of the European Universities Games Lodz 2022 (EUG2022) have taken additional steps and measures to ensure safety of participants, also in terms of Covid-19.


Attribution of the European Universities Games 2022 to Lodz


Student-athletes compete in 20 sports, having the Polish edition of the European Universities Games (EUG) attract student athletes from across Europe.

We expect about 5.000 participants representing over 400 European universities from 40 countries, to come to Lodz between July 17 and 30, compete in the largest academic sport event in Europe, taking part also in educational and social activities.

Basketball competitions at the European Universities Games

The invitation to participate in the EUG Lodz 2022 is addressed to athletes enrolled in higher education studies, to compete in 3x3 Basketball, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Handball, Beach Volleyball, Chess, Football, Futsal, Handball, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, Sport Climbing, Swimming, Table Tennis (including Para Table Tennis), Tennis, Volleyball, and Water Polo, with Sitting Volleyball and Para Power Lifting as promo sports.

EUSA competitions include students with disabilities in some sports

Alongside the sport competitions, the Games focus on educational and social aspects of university sport in Europe, featuring workshops in the topics of Anti-Doping, Dual Career, Inclusion, Volunteering.

Workshops during the Games on various topics

The Games will be hosted by the largest sports venues in Lodz. Part of the competition is planned to take place in the Sports Bay of Lodz University of Technology, which has the only indoor Olympic-size swimming pool in the Voivodeship, where swimming and water polo competitions will be held. The facility will also be used as a "dry zone" for badminton, futsal and sport climbing competitions. Students will also compete in city facilities and those belonging to the University Sports Association. It is worth mentioning that the Opening Ceremony of the EUG Lodz 2022 will be held at the Lodz Atlas Arena.

Lodz Atlas Arena

The registration is conducted by the national university sport bodies in Europe, under the umbrella of EUSA and its Institute.

So far, the attendance record at the EUG has been set in Croatia. The 2016 edition in Zagreb and Rijeka recorded almost 5.500 participants. Lodz University of Technology, the main organiser of the Games, estimates similar numbers in participation, having the capacity to host up to 6.000 participants taking part in the event in the summer of 2022.

Registration for the European Universities Games 2022 is Open!

“By organising EUG Lodz 2022, we are sending a clear signal to academic community from all over Europe, but also to future students, that apart from a high level of education, you can develop your passion for sports at Lodz University of Technology. Kajetan Duszyński, a Tokyo Olympic athlete who transferred to our university from the Silesian University of Technology, may serve as an example here. Today, he is a medal-winning professional athlete and a doctoral student at TUL. We combine science and sport, which is the main idea of the European Universities Games,” emphasises Professor Krzysztof Jóźwik, Rector of Lodz University of Technology.

Kajetan Dusynski, Olympic medallist and ambassador of the Games

EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek stressed the importance of the event: “We are all looking forward to the 2022 European Universities Games in Lodz. After a break in the international university sport events, the Games will not only be the first larger university sport event in Europe after the Covid-19 outbreak, but also one of the largest sports events in Poland ever.”

Rector of Lodz University of Technology and EUSA President

Lodz University of Technology, with its well-developed sports infrastructure, already has experience in organising national and international events. Its portfolio includes the European Universities Volleyball Championships, the Polish Diving Championships and the Polish Winter Swimming Championships.

European Universities Volleyball Championship in Lodz

EUSA and the local organising committee are working closely together, assuring the conditions which will enable quality sports competitions in a fair-play manner, and also offer educational and social activities in a safe way. The event is also a great opportunity to show Lodz as one of the biggest academic centres in the country, and an interesting and attractive place for visitors.

The European Universities Games 2022 are Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The European Universities Games in Lodz are being organised under the licence of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) by the Lodz University of Technology, University Sports Association of Poland (AZS) and City of Lodz, in cooperation with the EUSA Institute and several partners, inlcuding the Ministry of Education and Science, national and local tourism organisations, Polish Olympic Committee, national and local sports organisation, media outlets and is also supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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EUSA Rules and Regulations:
Registration Guidelines:

Participants shall be nominated through their NUSA (EUSA Members), who can submit General Entry Forms (GEF) via EUSA Registrations system and define a Contact person to carry out the rest of the registration procedure (Quantitative Entry Form (QEF), Individual Entry Forms (IEF) and Travel Plans (TRA).
If applicable, deposits kept from the previous edition of the Games in Belgrade, will be taken into account after the registration is done and EUSA is informed about the use of the deposits.

General Entry – 1st deadline: January 15th
General Entry – 2nd deadline: February 15th
General Entry – 3rd deadline: March 15th - extended to May 5th for limited spots in some sports
Quantitative Entry + Referee Entry: April 15th - extended to May 5th
Individual Entry: June 1st
Travel Plan: June 1st

Deposit: Pro-forma invoice will be automatically generated upon submitting the GEF.
Participation Fee: 70 EUR / person / night
EUSA Entry Fee: 30 EUR / person
Fees cover accommodation with full board – breakfast, lunch, dinner (starting with lunch on arrival and finishing with breakfast on departure day), transfer from official welcome points, local transport, training, competitions, ceremonies and general organization of the event.

Only the following may participate as competitors:
- Students who are officially registered for and pursuing a course of study at a university, or similar institute with the status as an institution of higher education recognised by the appropriate national authority of their country. Participation of university teams from disputed territories is possible only for universities recognized either by the European University Association or the International Association of Universities. Such universities will compete under their university and EUSA flag. A student shall confirm his status by providing completed, signed and sealed EUSA IEF.
- Former students of the institutions mentioned above who obtained their academic degree or diploma after January 01, 2021.
- Competitor’s age is defined by the formula: the EUG Year – competitor’s year of birth = age. According to this
formula competitor shall not be younger than 17 and older than 30 years.

Participants are required to have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Exemption applies to the participants who have recovered from Covid-19, and to the participants who are exempt from vaccination for medical reasons.
The fulfilment of the conditions set out in the previous article is defined by the legislation of the residence country of each participant.
All participants have to comply with the host country guidelines and regulations related to these Regulations, entering into force immediately after being approved by the EUSA Executive Committee on May 27, 2022, and replace previously set regulations.
In case of Covid symptoms, the participant will be tested with RAT tests, covered by Organising Committee. With positive test result the participants will be isolated in separated accommodation area for seven days. It is possible to shorten the isolation period with negative test result being taken 48 hours from the first test. More detailed procedures and regulations are defined in the Covid-19 Protocol.

Poland lifted almost all COVID-19 restrictions end of March. It is currently not required to provide vaccination certification, negative RAT/PCR test result or proof of recovery when entering Poland.
If you are a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of the Schengen Area or a citizen of the United Kingdom – the condition for entry into Poland is the possession of a valid travel document (a passport issued no more than 10 years ago, valid at least 3 months before entry) or another valid document confirming identity and citizenship.
If you are an Israeli citizen you can enter Poland under the visa-free regime.
If you are a citizen of Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Kosovo, you can travel to Poland without a visa for up to 90 days within 180 days. However, you must meet a condition – you must have a biometric passport. Otherwise, you are required to have a visa.
If you are a citizen of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia or other countries, you are required to have a visa. A uniform Schengen visa type C entitles you to stay in Poland and move around the entire Schengen area. Please have your team leader contact the Organising Committee should you require additional invitation or help. Individual entries need to be properly submitted in order to facilitate the process.

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