The Way of Knowledge Half Marathon

Budapest, Hungary: November 9, 2014


The Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF) in close cooperation with the Semmelweis University organizes the XIV. The Way of Knowledge Half Marathon and the Academic 6 run in Budapest on 9th November, 2014.

The Way of Knowledge Half marathon

The event has a big reputation in Hungary. The participants are not only the sport lovers, but the leaders and students of Semmelweis University and their partner universities, enterprises, teams of embassies, teams of universities, politicians, famous public life people, world and European champions also take part in it. The main goal of the event is to promote national and international university sport, healthy lifestyle, health sciences and sports for all. Although it is a university event, it is open to the public; everyone is welcome to join either the half marathon or the 6km run.

Budapest University Half Marathon

The event has received the patronage of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and is supported by the International Olympic Committee, Budapest Municipality and lots of famous athletes, for example the pentathlon world champion of Hungary, Leila Gyenesei and the athletes of the famous TV show Jeux sans Frontier: professional boxers, stuntmen, acrobats. The professional background of the event is provided by the Budapest Athletics Federation, the Hungarian University Sports Federation, the National Students Government, the Federation of Budapest Medicine Students and the Students Public and Sport Federation.

The track runs through Budapest and near Danube

Individual runners and teams are all welcome to participate. The biggest team and the winner team get a special prize. The race is the official Budapest Half Marathon championship and open European University Cup. The race will also be broadcast on TV.

For further information please see the official website of the event