EUSA General Assembly 2014

Denizli, Turkey: April 3-6, 2014

EUSA Genel Assembly Denizli 2014

The European University Sports Association (EUSA) held its 2014 General Assembly on April 5, 2014 in Denizli, Turkey, celebrating its 15th anniversary. The Assembly was accompanied by the EUSA Executive Committee Meeting, held on April 3, EUSA Conference held on April 4 and concluded with a special Gala. EUSA events in Turkey were hosted by the Turkish University Sports Association (EUSA).
The Assembly was opened by EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek.

Opening of the EUSA Assembly by Mr Adam Roczek, EUSA President

He welcomed all the delegates, representing 34 EUSA members, national university sports associations, EUSA Executive Committee members, organisers of European Universities Games 2014 and 2016, delegations of bidding cities of the European Universities Games 2018 Coimbra and Tampere, guests from EUSA partner organisations, including the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM), European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) and its youth section ENGSO Youth, European Paralympic Committee (EPC), European Bridge League (EBL), European Council of the International Federation of Sports Climbing (IFSC Europe), university sports bodies of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), Federation of African University Sports (FASU), Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF), other invited organisations, including the European Athlete as Student Network (EAS), European Network of Academic Sport Services (ENAS), representatives of local institutions and other guests present at the event.

TUSF President Mr Kemal Tamer

TUSF President Mr Kemal Tamer greeted everyone and thanked the members for entrusting TUSF to host the 15th EUSA General Assembly.

Mr Suleyman Kocasert

Mr Suleyman Kocasert on behalf of the local hosts extended the welcome and satisfaction to be able to host the gathering of the highest body - EUSA Assembly - in Denizli.
Vice-President of FISU Mr Stefan Bergh

Welcome address was given also by the Vice-President of FISU Mr Stefan Bergh, congratulating EUSA on its achievements and development.

Mr Ralethe Malumbete, FASU President

Representatives of other continental federations also addressed the audience – on behalf of FASU its President Mr Ralethe Malumbete and on behalf of AUSF its Vice Secretary General Mr Xue Yanqing.

AUSF Vice Secretary General Mr Xue Yanqing
Before the official part of the Assembly started, special remembrance and tribute was given to the late President of the Italian University Sports Federation (CUSI) Mr Leonardo Coiana who passed away in January. Mr Romano Isler, EUSA and CUSI Executive Committee Member made a commemorative speech, followed by a minute of silence in the honour of Mr Coiana.

In memorandum of Mr Leonardo Coiana
On the proposal of the EUSA Executive Committee, the Assembly confirmed Mr Nico Sperle, former President of the German University Sports Federation (ADH) as the Chairman of the Assembly. 

Mr Nico Sperle chaired the Assemly
After approving the agenda of the current and the minutes of the past assembly, EUSA President Mr Roczek presented the outlines of the most visible accomplishments of EUSA in the past year.

Events report by EUSA Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik
The floor was then given to EUSA Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, who presented in more details the successful season of the European Universities Championships in 2013 and pointing out the trends of the participation in these events.

STC report was made by Mr Bruno Barracosa
Mr Bruno Barracosa, EUSA Student Commission Chair presented the activities of the Student Commission in the past year.

EUSA Treasurer Mr Olaf Tabor presented the Financial report
The annual report was concluded with the financial presentation and annual accounts, done by Mr Olaf Tabor, EUSA Treasurer. He thanked the EUSA members for their cooperation and understanding in the process of restructuring EUSA finances in order to stabilise the organisation also through the prism of finances.

Auditors report
The auditors report was given by Mr Zoltan Rakaczki and Mr Marian Matac Liviu, reporting on the overview of the past year through the audit and evaluation of the financial operation of the organisation.

Delegates at the assembly
The Assembly also approved the procedures for the elections already this year, as the next assembly, to be held in 2016, will be electoral one. EUSA President Mr Roczek presented the Activity plan for 2014-2015, the period until the next assembly, followed by EUSA Treasurer Mr Tabor for the financial part.

Presentation by Coimbra delegation
Last part of the Assembly was devoted to the presentations of the candidate cities Coimbra, Portugal and Tampere, Finland, for the organisation of the European Universities Games 2018. The cities were able to promote their candidatures already during the breaks.

Tampere delegation
According to the draw made on April 3 at the EUSA Executive Committee Meeting, the bidding committee of Coimbra held the presentation first, followed by the bidding committee of Tampere as the second candidate. The decision of the host is to be made by the EUSA Executive Committee members and the results announced during the special EUSA Gala in the evening.

Presentation by the hosts of the 2016 General Assembly - Warsaw, Poland
The Assembly concluded with the presentation of the next host of the EUSA General Assembly in 2016 – Warsaw, Poland.
For more photos, please see the EUSA General Assembly 2014 Photo Album on our Facebook page.