Poznan 20138th European Universities Rowing Championship

Poznan, Poland: September 5-8, 2013



Flags of participating universities and their countries

Malta Rowing course in Poznan hosted the 8th European Universities Rowing Championship between September 5 and 8, 2013. Over 400 participants representing 61 universities from 14 countries took part in this event.

EUSA President Mr Roczek

The event opened with a colourful procession of all universities which took part in the championship on September 5 in Cultural Centre „Zamek” in Poznan. The event started with welcome addresses by AZS Poznań’s President Mr Tomasz Szponder, Prof. Marek Rocki, President of the Polish University Sport Association (AZS Poland) and Mr Adam Roczek, President of the European University Sports Association (EUSA). They welcomed all guests and competitors, wishing them all a great event and best of luck in the competition. The mayor of the city of Poznań Mr Ryszard Grobelny also gave a short speech and declared the event open.  

March pass of the participants

After intense trainings and competitions, the Closing Ceremony took place on Sunday, September 8 following the final races. Sundays finals ended with prestigious men’s eights race. An entertainment programme also followed.

Ladies doubles rowing

Medals and awards were presented by EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek, EUSA and FISU Vice-President Mr Oleg Matytsin, FISU Executive Committee Member Mr Marian Dymalski, Director of Sports and Tourism Department at the Marshals Office Mr Tomasz Wiktor, Director of Sports Department at the Municipality of Poznań, Dr Ewa Bak and President of  University Sports Association in Poznań Mr Tomasz Szponder.

Entertainment programme

The event, held under the flag of EUSA (European University Sports Association), had its honorary patronage by Mrs Joanna Mucha, the Polish Minister of Sport. The organizer of the championship was AZS Poznan, with support of also the University Sports Association of Poland. European Universities Rowing Championship challenged university teams from all over Europe and in general classification of Universities, the University of Economy Bydgoszcz (Poland) took the lead, with the University of Vienna, Austria on the second and Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland on the third place. In general classification of Nations Germany won, followed by Poland and United Kingdom.

Medallists - men's eights

Rowing will also be featured in Rotterdam in 2014 at the 2nd European Universities Games, while the next European Universities Rowing Championship will be held in 2015 in Hannover, Germany.

More information: www.rowing2013.eusa.eu.

Overview of the gold medallists



M8+: University of Zagreb, CRO

W8+:  University of Newcastle, GBR

M4x: University of Economy Bydgoszcz, POL

W4x: University of Economy Bydgoszcz, POL

M4- : University of Vienna, AUT

W4-: Durham University, GBR

LM4x: University of Hamburg, GER

LW4x: University of Exeter, GBR

LM4-: Imperial College London, GBR

M2x : Poznan University of Life Sciences, POL

W2x-: University of Economy Bydgoszcz, POL

M2-: TU Darmstadt, GER

W2- : University of Bremen, GER

LM2x: University of Zurich, SUI

LW2x: University of Vienna, AUT

M1x: Poznan University of Life Sciences, POL

W1x: Kuban University, RUS

LW1x: University of Vienna, AUT

LM1x: University of Economy Bydgoszcz, POL