Tampere 20118th European Universities Futsal Championship

Tampere, Finland: July 17-24, 2011

Opening Ceremony of the 8th European Universities Futsal Championship was held on Sunday 17.7.2011 at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre just before the opening match. Participants, 12 women´s and 24 men’s team from 19 different countries all over Europe, were very excited of coming matches and the tournament. This is the first time ever European Universities Championship in any sports organized in the Nordic countries, and is at the same time the largest European Universities Futsal tournament by now.

March pass of the athletes
The audience was thrilled about the ceremony and opening match since both of them gave us great excitement. The ceremony started with a welcome speech by Jussi Kuusela, President of the Organizing Committee. After Mr. Kuusela it was time for EUSA representative Mr. Wolf Frühauf to invite the Minister of Education and Science Mr. Jukka Gustafsson to declare the EUC open.

Jussi Kuusela, OC President
The ceremony as a whole provided the audience with a great deal of pleasure, a little bit humour with Ilkka and some eye candy for the players and audience with the amazing pole dance show and extremely skilful footbaggers. The ceremony and opening match are a great start for the tournament where all the teams want to win the gold medal. About 100 volunteers, EUSA representative Mr Fruhauf and EUSA technical delegates Mr Patrik Perosa and Mr Tomas Aftanski, together with the organization committee worked hard to make this tournament run smoothly and offer refreshing experience for all participants.

EUSA representative Mr Wolf Fruhauf

The Championship concluded on Sunday 24.7.2011 with exciting final matches following by the Closing Ceremony at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, Finland.

Futsal matches - men

In men’s finals, the title of champions went to Valencia / Spain who has won a thrilling final match against Malaga / Spain. In women finals, the title of champions went to Konin / Poland who has won an exciting final match against Beira Interior/Portugal after extra-time.


Medals and awards were presented by Mr Sauli Niinistö, President of the Football Association of Finland; Mr Risto Nieminen, Managing Director of Finnish Lottery; Perttu Pesä, Deputy Mayor of Tampere; Mr Patrik Perosa and Mr Tomasz Aftanski, EUSA Technical Delegates for Futsal, Mr Jussi Kuusela, Mr Jukka Tirri and Mr Matti Anttonen, higest Organizing Committee officials; Ms Iida Jaakkola, Vice President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation; Mr Wolf Frühauf, EUSA Delegate and others.

Presenters of the awards

1. The State School of Higher Proffesional Education in Konin (POL)
2. University of Beira Interior (POR)
3. University of Coimbra (POR)

4. University of Artois (FRA)

5. SFIT Zurich (SUI)

6. University of Oulu (FIN)

7. University of Limoges (FRA)

8. NSSS Oslo (NOR)

9. AMU Poznan (POL)

10. TUT of Tampere (FIN)

11. University of Limerick (IRL)

12. University of Lodz (POL)

The Memory Award for the Referees of the Women’s Final were given to Toni Lehtinen from Finland, Fredric Nilholt from Sweden, Frederic Hostains from France and Joaquin Tapia Sama from Spain. The Women’s Best Scorer Award was given to Morgado Catia from University of Beira Interior - Portugal. Women’s Most Valuable Player Award was given to Morgado Catia from University of Beira Interior - Portugal, and the Women’s Fair Play Award was given to Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich – Switzerland. The Women’s Champions Cup was given to The State School of Higher Professional Education in Konin – Poland. Award was presented by Mr. Wolf Frühauf, EUSA Delegate.

Medallists - Women

1. Polytechnic University of Valencia (ESP)
2. University of Malaga (ESP)
3. University of Minho (POR)

4. Sumy State University (UKR)

5. University of Zagreb (CRO)

6. SAPE Moscow (RUS)

7. University of Jyvaskyla (FIN)

8. ASSS Walbrzych (POL)

9. University of Belgrade (SRB)

10. University of Coimbra (POR)

11. GSU Cologne (GER)

12. University Paris 1 PS (FRA)

13. University of Evry (FRA)

14. University of Sheffield (GBR)

15. NSSS Oslo (NOR)

16. FSSS (AZE)

17. University of Bath (GBR)

18. University of EGE (TUR)

19. SFIS Magglingen (SUI)
20. TUT of Tampere (FIN)

21. University o Technology (CYP)

22. Cork IT (IRL)

23. University of Orebro (SWE)

The Memory Award for the Referees of the Men’s Final were given to Timo Onatsu from Finland, Shota Kukhilava from Georgia, Ilya Akimtsev from Russia and Soykan Ozan from Turkey. The Men’s Best Scorer Award was given to Morawski Marcin from The Angelius Silesius State School in Walbrzych - Poland. The Men’s Most Valuable Player Award was given to Borrego Gutierrez Jesus Antonio from University of Malaga - Spain. The Men’s Fair Play Award was given to University of Örebro - Sweden and the Men’s Champions Cup was given to University of Valencia – Spain.

Medallists - Men

At the conclusion of the event, the EUSA flag was passed to EUSA Delegate Mr Wolf Frühauf.

The next Futsal event will take place at EUSA Games in Spain Cordoba 2012 and all teams are warmly welcomed to join. Next European Universities Futsal Championship will be held in Malaga, Spain in 2012.

Championship's awards

More info about European Universities Futsal Championship 2011 can be found at www.eucfutsal2011.com.