Moscow7th European Universities Rowing Championship

Moscow, Russia: August 30 - September 2, 2011





The 7th EUSA Rowing Championships concluded in Moscow, Russia, on September 2, leaving the athletes with many excellent memories & very satisfied with a fantastic event.

Finals Day saw very high-quality racing and some tight finishes, with two photo-finish prints required to identify the Ladies Eights medallists. Economy Bydgoszcz retained the NSRF trophy for the lead University, whilst hosts Russia captured the EUSA Salver as overall top nation.


At the closing ceremony, the medals were awarded by Mr Oleg Matytsin, RSSU President, Mr Aitor Canibe Sanchez, EUSA EC member, Mr Josip Kostelic and Mr Nigel Mayglothling, EUSA technical delegates. On behalf of EUSA Mr Canibe Sanchez thanked the organisers, and in the end received the flag which is to be passed on to the next organisers of the European Universities Rowing championship to take place in Poznan, Poland in 2013.

EUSA Representatives and Delegates

The Moscow Olympic Rowing Course provided an excellent venue with the Russian University Sports Association & Russian Amateur Rowing Association willing & supportive partners. A special word of thanks must go to co-ordinator Alisa Vashenkova who worked tirelessly to deliver the event and to the boat-trailer drivers, unseen heroes who overcame numerous problems in driving many thousands of kilometres to ensure boats were delivered to Moscow.


EUSA Flag passed to Mr Canibe Sanchez


The Opening Ceremony of the championship otherwise took place on the evening of August 31th, 2011, in Moscow at the Olympic Rowing Centre. The Ceremony was attended by Mr. Oleg V. Matytsin, President of the Russian Students Sport Union who welcomed participants on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

Mr Oleg Matytsin, RSSU President

EUSA EC Delegate Mr. Aitor Canibe Sánchez, also welcomed all participants and wished all the teams and participants who came to test their skills and abilities great competitions and all the best. He also thanked the Organizing Committee for all their contributions.

EUSA Delegate: Mr Aitor Canibe Sanchez, EC Member

The competition was organized by the Russian Students Sport Union with contribution of the Department of Physical, Culture and Sport, Moscow Government and took place from August 31st to September 2nd in Moscow.

March pass of the athletes

EUSA was represented by Mr. Aitor Canibe Sánchez and the Technical Delegatess Mr. Josip Kostelic and Mr. Nigel Mayglothling. They made sure that the event went on smoothly and without problems.

Speakers and EUSA representatives

The Competition hosted 160 male and 152 female competitors from as many as 54 Universities from 15 countries.



Below you will find the medallists per category; please visit for detailed information and more pictures.

NSRF University Champions Plate
1 University of Economy Bydgoszcz (Poland) 34pts
2 University of Vienna (Austria) 30pts
3 Moscow PCSYT (Russia) 27pts

EUSA Salver
1 Russia 135
2 Germany 109
3 Great Britain 87

1 Beuth Berlin (Germany) 7m02.29
2 Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia) 7m10.90
3 University of Coimbra (Portugal) 7m14.53

1 University of East London (GB) 6m40.54
2 university of Osnabruck (Germany) 6m43.26
3 University of Zagreb (Croatia) 6m48.77

1 University of Tourisme, Economy and Law (Ukraine) 7m01.04
2 WG Karlsruhe (Germany) 7m04.r5
3 Moscow State Regional Socio-Humanitarian institute (Russia) 7m07.26

1 University of Economy Bydgoszcz (Poland) 6m23.79
2 University of Vienna (Austria) 6m29.49
3 KW Bydgoszcz (Poland) 6m31.71

1 University of Bremen (Germany) 6m13.03
2 Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia) 6m13.32
3 Reading University (GB) 6m17.02

1 St Petersberg State University (Russia) 5m46.26
2 Université Nancy 2 (France) 5m49.20
3 University of Economy Bydgoszcz (Poland) 5m51.22

MLwt 1x
1 WG Damstadt (Germany) 7m24.40
2 St Petersberg State Marine TU (Russia) 7m24.16
3 Klaipeda University (Lithuania) 7m26.45

MLwt 2x
1 University of Wurzberg (Germany) 6m48.54
2 University of Zurich (Switzerland) 6m51.47
3 University of Vienna (Austria) 6m53.12

MLwt 4-
1 WG Hamburg (Germany) 6m24.82
2 University of Coimbra (Portugal) 6m25.93
3 KW Bydgoszcz (6m27.26)

1 University of Wurzburg (Germany) 7m08.38
2 University of Twente (Netherlands) 7.17.86
3 Nottingham Trent University (GB) 7m33.02

MLwt 4x
1 Budapest University of Technology (Hungary) 6m18.03
2 University of London (GB) 6m21.72
3 University of Hannover (Germany) 6m31.25

1 WG Hamburg (Germany) 6m05.20
2 Vrije Amsterdam (Netherlands) 6m13.73
3 Nottingham Trent University (GB) 6m22.84

1 University of Heidelberg (Germany) 8m12.35
2 Nottingham Trent University (GB) 8m13.04
3 University of Vienna (Austria) 8m22.94

1 University of Bremen (Germany) 7m47.33
2 University of Economy Bydgoszcz A (Poland) 8m23.97
3 University of Economy Bydgoszcz B (Poland) 8m45.46

WLwt 4x
1 Reading University (GB) 7m31.81
2 University of Economy Bydgoszcz (Poland) 7m31.39

1 Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourisme (Russia) 8m17.08
2 university of Bath (GB) 8m19.2
3 Moscow PCSYT (Russia) 8m21.60

1 TU Dresden (Germany) 7m46.07
2 Moscow TM (Russia) 7m47.73
3 Reading University (GB) 7m48.96

1 University of Vienna (Austria) 7m31.88
2 Moscow PCSYT (Russia) 7m38.00
3 University of Mainz (Germany) 7m46.35

1 Kazan Federal University (Russia) 7m25.15
2 University of London (GB) 7m 28.49
3 University of Heildelberg (Germany) 7.29.14

1 Moscow PCSYT (Russia) 6m56.34
2 WG Karlsruhe (Germany) 7m08.27
3 University of Economy Bydgoszcz (Poland) 7m13.83

1 University of Hannover (Germany) 6m49.37
2 Reading University (GB) 6m49.42
3 Groningen University (Netherlands) 6m59.57